Thursday, 14 May 2009

now it itches

bout my hurting leg, it got better after i took some medicine, and am good enough for me to go to baby carmen's bday party the night i came back. after 3 days of medication, it got much better, i can walk properly but it still hurts a bit. it feels like, err, lebam kinda pain or something.

dont want to risk anything*what if it happens again when im back to kl?*
so i went to see another doctor after i finish my first dosage. what he said make more sense than the first doctor who said its gout. lolx. the second doctor asks me if i was wearing a new and unfamiliar shoe. i said kinda cause i never wear that shoe without a socks before.

i have a valid reason for not wearing a socks that day. i was running late already, and i was wearing a pathetic slipper. my feet sweat alot, so it's slippery. this shoe is in the car so i just changed into this shoe. i decided not to wear the socks because when i wear the socks, the socks is not high enough and it causes blisters at the back of my ankle. the previous blister hurts so much that it still hurts after a few days. so i decided just to slip the shoe on then go to meet them. apparently, it was a huge mistake i made.

due to that, my detox plan failed and i was in great pain when i came back.

a month or so ago, i came back with a big bandage on my right big toe. now that the big toe has heal, i came home with an injured ligamen/muscle on my left foot/feet*i cant differentiate foot and feet*.

then i took the second doc's medication for one and de half day already, and last night, it itches. like, my body itches. after i took the first dosage, a white and another purple pill, i didnt feel anything yet. but i can feel iitching on the place where i hurt my feet. i thought that was normal cause normally when injury heals, it itches. last night, the itching at the feet got a bit worse, and then my body and arms and some part of the face starts to itch also.

i think i have some allergic reaction to the medication or something.

should i take the medicine again??
i can walk now, but i feel bad if i dont finish the medication...
not that i always finish whatever the doctor gave me anyway.


1. if u were in my position, will u continue with the medication given?

ps: thank god blogspot has autosaving function, my siao siao laptop just closed the whole window while i was typing this. phew. thought i lose everything already.

pps: it's already thursday today and i have yet to finish my poster, haven't started on my essay, i know im so dooomed, spss also i haven touch, and english outline i haven do also, thinking of changing my topic but i kinda forgot what topic i saw that day :(
yk was right. i still haven change.
super last minute.


LyNn said...

sure go back to doctor show him the itch and ask ma.
if you really wanna know.
do a skin scratch test. :P

Winnie Chong said...

Foot is singular and feet is plural =)

If I were you I won't continue with the medication. I never liked medicines.

żħї~qїňg said...

lynn, hmmph im typing this reply for the 3rd time already... stupid sucky connection.. =(
what''s a skin scratch test?

winnie, thanks for explaining...
i never like medicines too but got no choice.. =( not i got sore throat somemore..maybe i hide at home too long edi thats why..

LyNn said...

they put this template over your skin.
scratch it with various substance prone to cause allergic reactions on people but with a mild dosage to see if there's any reaction.
that way, you can know what you are allergic to and avoid it at all costs

żħї~qїňg said...

omg, i just finish typing a reply and it all to sucky connection.. but oh well, at least i can connect to internet...

hmmmm.. my doctor only asks if i have any kind of allergies to any medication..well, i told them i dont know...dont think the template thingy exists in stw...