Sunday, 24 May 2009

first guess

last friday,

I GOT A NEW GUESS PURSE(or whatever you call it).

been using my green bodyglove wallet since Form3. yeah its that long. i have another purse from Elle, so girly, and big, so i don't really use it. at most, it will use it for ONE week then change back to bodyglove. he he. my uncle got this Guess from a sale near his office. i wonder is it a REAL and GENUINE Guess, considering the mateitrial and the not-so-clear Guess logo in front. i dont know anything about Guess, nor i am in any way in love with the brand.

but there's a card that says Guess in the purse. so i guess it's real? i will still use it even if it's not the REAL Guess. doesn't matter to me. it's almost the same size with my bodyglove, so i guess it will definately last longer than ONE week. he he.

oh ya, i got a Monkey Key Chain also from Sabah. it even has the word Sabah nicely written on it. I don't know why, but i like the monkey very much. he he.


LyNn said...

wah guess sale
crap man
i also want! :(
so nice of your uncle!
i want i want i want haha

żħї~qїňg said...

end sale edi... i heard it's pack with people... "people mountain people sea"... got babana.. banana republic, gap, guess, err...raoul, all the expensive brand lah... in klang last week