Saturday, 23 May 2009

i love leg massage

the colour of the font doesnt signifies anything.

was at home the whole morning. had breakfast before the cleaners came and was hooked on Mr. Goodbye on KBS. found out that the former south korean president, Mr. Roh, died from falling when he was hiking this morning. he served as a president from 2003-2008. not that i heard of him before this morning. btw, was watching the encore of Mr. Goodbye. turns out that it showed till the last episode today. started watching from around episode 15 or 16, all the way to the last episode.

--> 2 scoops of oats, 2 scoops of Nestum, one big scoop of Milo.
and after that, using the same bowl, i made Milo and had biscuits.

then had simple lunch after the show ended. bout 2.13pm. shower after that and went out around 3pm.

eats --> fried rice with curry. loves the curry cause there's so much tau fu pok inside. yum yum. drinks the soup like chicken soup. swt.

i went out cause he said it will only be for a while. mana tau only can come back at 11.45pm. 3pm-11.45pm=8hours45minutes. sigh. tired betul. went out to amcorp mall. meet my aunty there, and we went o for massage. a really good one in bangsar. near bangsar village. that place damn happening loh. shopping heaven for skinny people. tons of boutiques. like, seriously. ha ha sound so jakun. but it's like, ss15 cant compare. i thought many boutiques exists in ss15. but in bangsar, countless.

we reach at the massage place quite early. so we had to wait. at the waiting area, which is just next to the massage area, i heard someone snoring. not soft snore. loud snore. he snore damn loud ok. then, we were given a place beside him. he was in between my aunt and me. like, wtf. he was still snoring. and he have symptoms of sleep apnea. weird and loud snoring. difficult to describe. but, he was disturbing everyone's peace and tranquility. so the white noise music did nothing in order to make me fall asleep like everyone else did. oh ya as if his snoring is not enough to make the whole world hate him, he didnt turn off this phone somemore. at least, put silent lah. wtf. suddenly the phone rang, RRIIIIINNNNGGGGGGG RRIIINNGGG
RRIIINNGGG RRIIIIINNNNGGGGGGG RRIIINNGGG RRIIINNGGG......... it didnt happen once. it happen twice. wtf.

Scene 1: you are dreaming that you were happily walking down the road, then suddenly it began to rain. it wasnt raining cats and dog, or raining acid water, but it was raining money. there are no one else around, so you get to keep every single cent you collected. finally, ur dream of money falling from sky comes true. the 100th RM1000 note fell in ur hand, and suddenly, u heard a loud siren. like darurat or something, so u have to hide. there's no time to save more money. you reluctantly ran into a shelter and hid. the siren kept ringing, and then u came to a realisation and woke up. YOU TELL ME LAH, SO SWEET de DREAM, WAKE UP SO FAST, ANNOYING ANOT>???

Scene 2: you are dreaming that you went on a holiday in Hawaii. you were sun tanning at the beach with ur perfect body, with the right curves everywhere. with two of your friends. then suddenly this extremely hot guy with the most amazing eyes ever, had a six pax, the nicest smile you ever seen, is making his way over to you, then you suddenly wake up because of the idiot's phone before you even get a chance to talk to the guy. YOU SAY LAH...ANGRY ANOT....

luckily, i wasnt sleeping or dreaming.
after massage, went to alexis, sat there for a while, then to vintry.

--> iced lemon tea(no harm), chocolate bittersweet cake(very harmful) at Alexis.
--> fried korean noodles(nice, but nothing special), bbq pork ribs(ouch), char siew(yum, but still ouch), some sort of pork burger(very nice, ooops), apple banana crumble with ice cream(OUCH), chicken wings at Vintry. drowned them with red wine(not used to it yet) and mineral water.

whatever fat i sweat off yesterday morning, i gained double or maybe triple today. wtf.

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