Friday, 22 May 2009


Friday, Shah Alam - She wakes up at 7am even though she doesn't need to go through the early morning rush hour or to class today. Instead, she was awake for one of her long-term assignment, Project Step. Today marks the first day of Project Step. Many may wonder, what the hell is Project Step. Project Step is based on a simple rule. Taking the FIRST STEP. To all the procrastinators out there, how many times did you want to do something, but you just cant go it, because taking the first step is so difficult. Everytime you want to take the first step, you will either end up doing something else or coming up with an excuse. Fret not, take Project Step as a challenge.

Hahaha. LOL. Crap.

Okay okay, I took my first step today. I woke up at 7am and went walking around the park. It's a real loss if I don't use all the facilities provided for the residents here. It's like, I always complain it's not safe to walk/jog/exercise in Sitiawan because there are no proper walking/jogging/exercising areas provided in a housing area. Many times, there are untied and fierce dogs that chases you for no reason. So, here, I have a nice walking area, a few playgrounds, and basketball court is just walking distance. Just that it's too bad no one is here to teman me play basketball. or football. yuck. or badminton.

The walk this morning took about 30minutes. Sweat quite alot for walking. I didnt even jog. So there, MY FIRST STEP. Thanks to Starbucks Green Tea last night. which i left unfinished. and it went down the sink.

Then, to stay healthy and no waste my effort of walking 'so far' this morning, I had 3 Scoops of expired Quaker Oats, 3 Scoops of expired Nestum and 2 Scoops of Milo. Whoever says oats makes you feel full must be a big lier.
For lunch, I had Tomyam Instant Cup Noodles. DInner, I had TomYam Tastylite Instant Noodle with TWO eggs. yuck. the most ciplak TomYam EVER.

The truth is, this morning, I actually planned to drive all the way to SS14 Restoran Unlimited cause it was featured in Star Metro yesterday. But, thanks to the morning rush hour and the long long journey and common sense and no one teman me, i didnt go. I guai guai sit at home eat OATS instead.

Studies wise, wtf.

I was listening to radio from 7am to 12.30pm just to wait for Mr Lonely (Ji Muo Sien Shen). Sad Case. In between that time, I was on FB. and was still on FB till bout 2pm. Then when i finally turn off the laptop, i went to turn on the TV and sms with sp. Then i fell asleep till 6.30pm. There goes my day. Time for more FB and TV.

Sigh, sometimes I really do wonder, IS THIS WHAT I REALLY WANT?

If this is what i really wanted, then why am I slacking like nobody's business?
If this is what i really wanted, wouldn't I be putting my 100% effort?


yz said...

I think you have to see a psychologist/psychiatrist (whatever the spelling is)

żħї~qїňg said...

im already seeing them 3 days a week. in class.