Saturday, 30 May 2009


a while ago, more like few weeks ago, i felt a lil patriotic so i submitted my answers to Rage: Question 4 Uth.
i answered more than 10 question, including the one asked by Michael Wong. the next day, i found out that only 2 out of 14 answers i sent were approved by them. well, it's better than nothing.

something tells me i have to read the newspaper on Wednesday, 27th May. but too bad, the paper went missing on that day. so, when i came home, i looked for the Wednesday's paper, and found the article on Question 4 Uth.

guess what, my answer got in the newspaper!!

if u missed out the article, you can read it here. (<-- click on the word Here)
or here to have a view of the full list of questions and answers.

now, back to work.


LyNn said...

wah so cool.
come out in newspaper :P

yz said...

omg it's SO cool!!!!

żħї~qїňg said...

hey sorry guys and girls, been busy with work... last minute queen.. ^^

hehehe... thanks for saying its "cool"... i thought u guys is going to say, "lol" or "lame"...
heheheh :)

Winnie Chong said...

Hey I saw that and then I left you a message on MSN asking if it was you but you didn't reply me.

I knew it was you.

żħї~qїňg said...

hahha u did??? sorry i didnt get messages from u... hehe how u know its me?? :)

Winnie Chong said...

Maybe there were problems with my MSN.

It's stated Zhi Qing. 20 some more. Very easy to guess it's you =)

żħї~qїňg said...

ic ic... hehe i think u're the only one who guessed its me.. congrats!! lol :)