Saturday, 6 June 2009

one week in a post.

i just realised,

I'm a bit sick with the Red-ness of this blog.


it's been a week since I've updated. how cam i summarize one week into one post?


hectic :
i have a 3 days class week. monday, tuesday and thursday.

well, on Monday, i have to submit intro to psych homework. this time, its individual, so there's no much stress on finishing it early.
Tuesday, intro to psych QUIZ and also English draft.
Thursday, English QUiZ and Research Method's Report.

stress :
well, for those who know me and who have worked with me before, knows that i'm a very last minute person.

the weekend before this week, i still spare some time to go home.
planned to complete draft during weekends so i can study for the quiz.
having problems with the library website (i think they hate me or something), so i cant really search for journals to do my work ( i dont know why i need journals).

monday came and went, then it's tuesday. i studied and completed the draft. draft is completely rubbish (ask suemay). you may think, "draft oni mah, no need do so nice one".
but my lecturer thinks, "if u hand in the draft, you'll get no marks. but if u didnt hand in the draft, i'll deduct 10% from ur final marks".
after tuesday, it seems like a heavy burden have been lifted. research method's report is due on thursday and i haven even written anything. i didnt even have time yet to search for journals.

i dont have class on wednesday. but i went to college anyway. sat at foyer to Facebook and start with my report. did one small section and the rest i dont know how to do. more facebook-ing (Seee, even when it's so last minute, i can still be so relaxed) till sue may come. change place after that, continue with talking.

then went down to psychology department to do work. went to find maziar to confirm that what i did is the right format and everything. errr. o ya. end up being one of his experiment subject instead. in the "fridge room". hahahha. after experiment finish, ask finish, then go hang out near the fridge for a while. then went to cafeteria to do more talking, eat and then to library. stay there till 5, upgraded from talking to Mic. Word Msn-ing. hahahah.

went to college from 8.30am - 5pm, i only finish methods section. hmmmph.

ohya, when i was in the fridge, after experiment finish, suddenly grandma call me. she ask if i'm ok anot and if there's anything wrong. feel weird so i said nothing's wrong. then she say got people call the house phone and say "Momma, come save me, i'm scared" in Mandarin... lol. i hope its a prank.

went back home at 5, reach bout 5.30pm, very tired. watch tv. then fall asleep for a while. at night, bout 9pm, end up facebook-ing again. and msn-ing. till 12.30am. continue doing the report, introduction, abstract, journals, till... 3.30am.. went to sleep, wakes up at 6.30am.

it's already thursday, prepare myself then go college. planned to skip the english class, but too bad, have to go cause there's a quiz. which i fear i will fail. cause i think i did wrongly. hmmph. after quiz, bout err 9-ish.... went to the financial dept area to continue with the report.

left results and discussion area. *report due at 12pm*

11.25am, still haven reallly done with the report yet.

11.30-ish... dun care edi, crapped the last line and went to printing room.

wtf, the comps there really wanna 'play' with me. tried on 3 comps oni i can print.
1st comp, cant turn on
2nd, cant print.
3rd, can print, but printer out of paper.


delayed lots of time. lucky sempat to hand in before 12pm.
dont know what will happenn if i dont.
oya, this report bears 40%, according to june.
it gives me wonders why the hell am i so relaxed.

after everything's over, went to ss15 to celebrate.
reach there bout 6pm... stayed till they close shop at 8pm... heheheheh


sleeping time:

wednesday-thursday :
approx 3hrs.

this means i should be very tired on thursday. but i wasnt. thursday night, i can finally have a gooooooooood sleep. but i only slept at 5.15am. omg, does that mean i was up almost 24 hours??? cooool wehhh!!
then i woke up 12pm friday. hmmmph...



LyNn said...

i feel like a freaking zombie.
even with loads of sleep.
grrr :(

żħї~qїňg said...

maybe u got too much sleep