Friday, 19 June 2009

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Friday, June 19, 2009: Gary's Supermarket officially out now!!

made plans with kylie dearie(hahha happy onot?) for pan mee. my initial plan was to eat pan mee and go home. but you know lah, long time no meet already, where got eat pan mee and go home so simple kan?

12.20pm: went to uni. minor accident along the way. added more scratches to my car. (as if there's not enought scratches on my car already. big, medium, small, extra large, all shapes and sizes...)

12.51pm: reach college finally after "racing" on the road. went to the computer lab to print my position paper. sampai lab, got one big sign there say, "Printer is under maintainance". wtf, but lucky still can use it in the lab but not the counter. lucky got no class at that time, if not dunno how i want to pancung myself.

1.10pm: still editing my work. Kylie called and say she's on her way.

1.25pm: position paper printed, so I was there checking the format and all. Shine and Fiz came and say my format is wrong and it's supposed to be an essay not a report format. freaked out a little. but lecturer didnt say anything about my format for draft so i didnt change it lorh.

1.30pm: go to pass up the assignment. called steph to confirm that i did the right format. she said she did the essay format also. wtf. i dont know anything bout essay format de. nvm, go ask lecturer first.

almost got lost. well, not really lost, but have to plan my way there. at first wanted to use the lift then up to 3rd floor, to the library then go to the back door. but i dun like the library and the librarians and now is exam period so there's many people there. so have to think of alternative route. lol.

this is where the stupid part starts. went to the other wing, then press up button for lift. waited for quite a while, then lift heading down, but the door still opens, so i went in. pressed 3rd floor. but the lift went down. and the girl press 4th floor. the lift went up to 4th. only i realise the life didnt stop at 3rd floor. wtf. then went down one floor again.

down one floor, up 4 floors, down one floor.
lol like i love to play with the lift like that. wtf.

1.36pm:reach lecturer's room. knocked the door. open the door.
x: hi, is this the correct format?
y: um, yeah.. what are you going to do if i say it's not the correct format?
x: i'll go and print another copy for you.
y: *shakes head*

1.40: kylie come. called me. damn funny la that girl.
x: hi, i'm cant find parking.
y: what u mean u can find parking?
x: um, i reach the entrance. but i dont know how to go in.
y: err.. just come in only lah *i assume it's the main entrace where the guard house is.. maybe they blocked her or something*
x: it says "Boom Gate A" and "Boom Gate B"
y: =.="" i'll come find u now.

got in her car and "teach" her how to take the parking ticket.

then, just as she got down the car, shuttle arrive.
too excited edi, so i ran and left my Guess in the backseat of her car.
and i didnt realise till... till... i wanted to pay for food.

on the way to pyramid, we already decided to have pan mee, but then when we reaching pyramid... this is what happens...
x: kim gary or pan mee?
y: you decide la...
x: i dont know la, kim gary or pan mee?
y: errrrr....pan mee very normal right... anytime also can eat one right... kim gary more special right...
x: hahhaha, yeah!! kim gary then. :)

then get down from the bus, went to kim gary.
x: eh so many people lah, you still want to eat here ah?
y: i dont know la, you decide.
x: kim gary or station 1?
y: errr... station 1 lah...

went to station 1, on the way there,
x: eh, you want station 1 or pan mee?
y: (didnt hear me)...

btw, we end up in station 1, had set lunch there.

then, when we wanted to pay, kylie offered to pay. saw her nice purse, and thought it's similar to mine. so i wanted to take out mine to show her. but i cant find it anywhere in the bag. she got worried her car will kena brake in, so we decide to shuttle back to college to get my Guess first before coming back to pyramid again.

went back to tower hotel and waited. got this playful arabian kid sitiing next to me, and he shoot me with his mini gun. lol. laughed a lil cause he damn cute. but i feel his mother staring at me, so i stop 'choi' him.

"what the fuck, i dont know where is my Guess"
"serious shit ah, i left it in ur car"
normally she doesnt allow this kind of..err..words to be use..but then today she didnt say anything..means she's worried bout my Guess too.. :)

after a loooooong wait, bus finally come :) back to coll, lucky her car didnt kena brake in and my Guess is still on her back seat. paid for parking fees and then went to pyramid again in her car cause we're tooo lazy to wait another 30 minutes for the bus to come.

she bought baskin robin and notice that there's mng sale (alot ppl carry mng plastic).
so she was excited. and finish her ice cream in record time in front of mng shop, and rushed in.
by that time she alrd super excited, but i dont understand this mng craziness...
she went in, excitedly looking and digging in every pile of shirts, singlets or whatever they're selling. end up with 5 and went in to try them on.

i went outside and waited. and waited. and look around. and loook again. and waited. till she finally comes out with mng plastic bag. lol. i understand it takes long cause she can only choose 1 of the 5 pieces only. haha...

then went downstairs where i end up with a cheap version of the pyramid iq game set. and when i say cheap, i really mean CHEAP. quality and quantity.
price: RM9.90
quality: you know lah, china made products means china's english.
and there's not proper booklet which teach you how to use it. just a piece of paper with english i dont understand and distorted pictures with no explaination at all. and there's so much space in the box that all the pieces drops off the holes.

then went to nose. walk one round. go out. then went to get water. and slipper.
slipper from banana peel. never heard before leh... it's opposite 1901. it's a small stall oni.
but their slipper design quite nice.

girly slipper cost RM49. normal slipper with nicer design cost RM19. big difference eh?

i went for normal slippers cause im a poor student, and wtf, i cant even fit the biggest size. wtf. ish. then the girl give me a bigger cutting. biggest size. fit ngam ngam only. dont like the slippers design. so i take the smaller one. ha-ha-ha. it's small but im desperate.
"i'll see what i can do"
the girl selling was like, "you sure?"
me, "yeah im sure"
she must have thought, "small edi still want this one, siao one. sui bian ni lah"

then we go ARCADE. well, let's just say we found a way to release stress.
hehehehhe.. lets go again!!!
and get RANK B... or A... hahahahha

then, shop around, Guardian, then she sent me back to uni.
balik rumah lorrrr...

btw, 4 more days to the END of my teen-age years.
i'm wondering should i to pierce my ears.


btw, this post has 1335 words, and is 3 full pages long.
how i wish i can write like this when it comes to assignments.