Sunday, 21 June 2009

i feel like writing in italics today.
this is the closest i can get to cursive writing.

talking bout writing,
back in secondary school,
i remember everytime i see Winnie's handwriting,
i felt like,
they're not real.
they're printed from the computer, or typed out from the typewriter or something.
they're so neat.


last week,
one of my classmates tell me she liked my handwriting and she says it looks like its printed from the computer. ^^

ha ha ha.
never in my life.
anyone say my writing is like it's printed from computer.

sometimes, when i write, esp when i'm angry,
pls believe me when i say...
you've seen hell when you see me write in anger.

: )

yet another pointless post.

"ngo gam yat mou dok dou shu ah, yim zhi ngo hao si dim sei..."


Winnie Chong said...

Why, thank you for the compliment! I personally think there's a certain uniqueness in your writing too. And the most important thing is you can speed-write and still have nice writing.

I write slower than slowpoke.

żħї~qїňg said...

hahha biar lambat asalkan cantik... :)