Saturday, 27 June 2009

I'm 20!!

finally, i'm done with editing the pictures. gosh it took me the whole yesterday to actually go to the web and the whole night and this morning to get the pictures edited.

well, hehehe i'm 20!! yes, old already, not a teenager anymore.
[laugh all u want.. ha ha ha]

okayy... how's the grand celebration this year???

well, i expected it to be a quiet one. i planned to not celebrate at all, but i get depressed by the thought of not celebrating at all.. weird kan?? actually, i got emo an hour before 24th June. was in my own world and listening to all the emo songs in itunes. not the greatest way to enter adulthood but that's what i actually did.

two weeks before my birthay was my brother's birthday. so the weekend during his birthday, we all went back to stw. and we went to kg. cina and ordered all the yummy seafood there.. aww seafood!!! i can go crazy over them.. hehehe... we ordered alot... 5 people with 6 or 7 dishes :)

fried mee hoon, crab, steam fish, har ku, la la, fried sotong!!


**fast forward to 23rd June..**

Happy Birthday Sing Hwei!!!! she's one day older than me... and she went thru the whole day thinking that i didnt wish her at all.. gosh i cant imagine that kind "heart break" if it was me... because, this year i decided to wish her thru fb cause sms wont last long...

after all the classes, went to psych department for club meeting. mana tau meeting cancel again, so i went home straight. baru reach home only, L called and asked whether i can have dinner. i said ok and waited. thought tonight i can finally watch "tong sam fong bou" edi.. mana tau cant watch again :(

well, before we go for dinner, i was kinda very upset and angry with him cause he asked me to drive. i hate to drive when he can drive. he kinda forced me to drive and asked me to choose where to go. urgh. psst. i was very hungry at that time and when im hungry i get angry and very cranky. fine! i'll drive. i thought it will be the new japanese restaurant in glenmarie, but we ended up in holiday inn instead. and for once i thought, why the hell im angry for?? going to expensive restaurant eh...

went in, not many people there. maybe cause its a weekday. ordered alot loh. my udon cause rm30+ and it's one of the cheapest edi >.<" lucky i'm not the one paying :) he asked me to pay if i cant perfect my magic trick. thanks to steph for handing me dr. saga's "magic trick asparatus". lol. btw, we ordered beef udon, rice, chicken teriyaki i think, and the red sotong.

this is the night i emo-ed.

and i spent the night replying fb wall messages. thanks lots!! :)

24th June. me Bday!! me me me Bday!!

it's a wednesday so there's no class. so i dont need to wake up early or go out. whole day at home nothing to eat. so cham lor. nothing to eat at all. finally found a really tasteless and dry kaya puff on the table. had to eat that for lunch. errrk.

waited and fb-ed for a few more hours and go fetch mun synn and we go pyramid together and meet kylie there. on the way to fetch mun synn, i realise i forgot to bring my kim gary member card. wtf. no more discount lorh!! lazy to turn back and get it. rush hour leh.

then sampai pyramid, we saw a band outside. so we go kay poh. heheh dah lama tak tengok band perform. turns out its a police back. why they are performing there? i dont know. my bday gua.....

then we go cinema to buy ticket for transformers first. de queue quite long edi... by the time we beli the ticket, the queue long till the toilet there. walaoeh... lucky i was abit early than those ppl. while queuing, were hoping and praying we can get transformers tics. the screen says there are FEW tics left and SOLD OUT for some of the screening. scare loh how if i cant get any tics? then we decided that if it's first row then we dont want to watch. then by the time we got to buy the tics, we bought the first row. FIRST ROW!! hahaha.. got the 8.15 tics.

puas liao, so we went to makan. damn hungry weh...

then after makan the girls went to mng sale. omg, i dont understand the craziness behind mng.

movie after that. thought we're late edi. went in only at 8.15pm. mana tau sit in the partially lighted cinema till 8.37pm before they put on the adverts. then bout 8.56-ish to 9pm like that only movie start. finish near mid night. the movie is good, could be better if i could see the whole screen with my sepet eyes and from a more normal angel. and for the fact that the 3 year old behind me wasnt screaming and shouting baby language at certain times and the malay girl beside me wasnt getting confortable with herself and keep kicking me and touching me. hello, mak tak ajar ke? duduk baik baik lah. ini pawagam, bukan rumah u... and also for the fact that there's a hand touching my head a couple of times. :/

definately must watch again.

reach home only 12plus...
continue fb and day dreaming till 3am oni sleep...
got class in the morning somemore......

25 June
wake up a bit later cause i couldnt wake up. and lucky class delayed one hour. go there she give paper oni. but quite important paper lah. for exam purpose. so, class oni a few minutes nia.. i planned to finish my cover letter since i have a few hours break.. and also to go for the research design thingy. cause i got very low marks the week before.. worried leh.. went for consultation in the fridge. it functions as a containment room where it's free from virus, bacteria or whatever. now it's for psychology students to conduct research. :)

got a very long explaination, but once he finihs explaining, i alrd forgot everything he said. sighs. june and steph came, and june's turn to ask quests. then went to cafeteria cause we're so damn hungry. wanted to get food, but june said "wait". was very hungry but she say "ni juo jing jing". [translated: lu duduk diam diam]

turns out, we're celebrating 3 ppls birthday :) yippie.. my one and only cake this year....

heheh thanks guys, for planning and buying evrything :)
in the last picture : from left.

jc, yuki, ying fern, june, chia chyn, rachel with face hidden, christine, yean sze not to be seen, sue may, steph, qader and ME!!

we had Dominos!!

then went to class lorh... after class went home. this time V call and say go dinner. again, no tong sam fong bou.

went to section 17 for indian rice. banana leaf rice yo!
then head to section 14 to get my harddisk.

i got a 320gb harddisk for rm199. cheap kan? compared to the other prices lah. then when i came home and use the new cable for the old harddisk which i assume is dead, it worked. means i dun need to get another harddisk that urgently. anyway, i need to cause 80gb is nothing.

oh ya you know what is the stupidest thing i did for my birthday?

i "donated" rm30 to a person that doesnt exist at all. i reloaded rm30 to my phone, but i confirmed the wrong number, and u know how good i am with numbers lah.. so yeah. bye bye rm30. no wat to get it back edi lurh... anggap i got no bonus from digi lorh. anggap the bonus i got from digi is the rm30 i reloaded lurh... :(

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Emel - LayChuyDing said...

wow...wat a birthday u had :)
nextime reload rm 30 for me...hahaha

żħї~qїňg said...

hahaha.. somemore got next time ah?? rm30 can tahan me 3 meals leh