Wednesday, 1 July 2009


my teeth hurt so bad on monday night that i HAVE to go to see a dentist asap. the whole upper left side of my teeth and gum were hurting quite badly so i had panadol aka pain killers. lucky it worked, but not before i made a big fuss over it. :)

was planning to go see doctor on tuesday before class, but i woke up too late to go hunt for doctors, so i went to class first. it was in class the pain came back. i thought i have 3 rotten teeth side by side thats why it hurts so much.

so after class went to eat in medan before boarding the cute little shuttle bus to the heart of sunway. well, walked alone looking for dentist. saw one clinic. well there was many, but i choose that particular clinic cause the name sound nice and the papan tanda looks nicer than the others. hehehe. and they accept ING card. well, i dun need to go anywhere with ING card because the injection i want isnt covered. ok long story.

um, so went to get my final shot (stupid injections) and paid RM 55. wth. last time only RM 30 leh. why price different so much de? hmmph. they gave me paracetamol and told me is ubat demam. err, asked me to take them even tho im not sick.

you see ah, the problem is right. the paracetamol they gave me is 500mg. and they ask me to take 2 tablets, 3 times a day. means, like i'll me taking 3000mg paracetamol in one day. well, my normal dosage that is too good is 650mg uphamol. and im not sick, so i dont see the reason to take such a high dosage. plus, my eating time is off these days. so, i just took one per day. its like... 1/6 of what i'm suppose to take. future doctors/current doctors/pharmarcists who reads my blog (i doubt there's any), is this ok? hahahha

besides, i dont trust them cause the doc is a bit... not... err... profesional.

btw, as a result of that stupid injection that cost me RM 55, my arm aches today. wtf.
more reasons for me to hate injections.

then i asked the nurse where is the nearest dentist/dentistry. whatever you call it. she pointed upstairs. wahhh.. so damn near lorh. so i went up. the assistant in the dentist clinic damn lansi lo.

story: opened the door and went in. me look at her she look at me. i said first time. she said ic. still reading her newspaper. wtf. give her ic and stood there. wtf should i do. she stare at me and say go sit. in a very unfriendly manner. wtf. suan. i go sit. 30 secs later, she stood at the counter and stare at me. dunno call my name or make any noise to attract my attention isit? scare me nia. cause i was looking at the walls. she say fill this this this. wtf. ma fill for her. then she say ok u can go sit now. i ma go sit. babi. baru sit down nia ask me go in edi. went in lorh. she didnt do her job holding the sucking saliva thingy very well lo. went off to the other room for quite a while. lol.

doctor was nice. quite friendly also. hehe. he tolerated my "AWWWWWWWWWWW...", "PAAAAAAAAIIIINNNNN!!!!!", "This HURRRRRTTTSSSSS" and so on... hahahaha... he even asked whether i need an injection seeing that i was in so much pain. hahaha. btw, only one teeth rotten. it been like that for a while now, just that i have no time to go and see a dentist.

he said that one tooth caused the other teeth and the gum to hurt. err, the last filling fell off. more than a month ago. hehehe. thought wanna tahan for two more weeks then go home do mah... who knows...

well, that one filling costs me RM80. walaoeh. i declare bancrupt liao.

a very nice timing to go to doctors and dentists because it was just after lunch time and the clinics were empty!!

so it took me not very much time. went back to the hotel and waited for bus. feel so damn paiseh waiting there lorh. dun stay there but went to the lobby there just to wait for bus. thought of going back to college to study. mana tau, we keep talking nia... din study at all :(

hahahah. err, then got a call from june and we rushed to psych dept to register pur timetable. wtf to the times lorh. btw, wanna stay with the same group. lucky we rush there cause only 5 places left nia. wtf.

3 hours of lecture next sem.
dont know what to say.

then went home, wtf jam daoo.

today, no class but went to coll kononnya wan to study. mana tau.. study a bit then got distracted. saw a SAM legals book and took it and explained the cases to sue may. now when i dont take legals, it seems fun. ahahah.

oh ya, this few days, i kept thinking that psychology is almost the same as legals.

both have theories.
both have old cases and studies to refer to.
both require as much reading and understanding.
both need critical thinking which i lack.

then dont wanna disturb the other study enthusiastics edi.
so went upstairs to the computer area. wtf.
then after a while, went to makan. then to foyer. thats when...
story telling sessions begins... no more study.. :(

ffk-ed nessa for bibletalk. :(

i still haven get my a&w yet.

i cant study. :(

i seriously. urgently. need to pass this sem. in one sitting.

days are drawing nearer and nearer, but i cant feel the stress.
where is the binge eating?
where is the sleepless nights?
where is the constant panic attacks?

err. not that i want them, but I NEEEEED TO STUDY.

everything REGISTER in my BRAIN!!

so wish i can do encoding and storage of information like the guy in library.

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