Thursday, 11 June 2009


had the boring-est psych tutorial ever.
thanks for not sleeping well the night before, plus the cursed video tapes, my eyes closed when it starts. it happens so naturally. it's like, its so difficult to even OPEN the eyes and watch the damn video. i tried taking notes.

but when the second video came, gosh, non-stop de...
lose interest and thats how the above picture came about.

somehow i feel the writing is nice!!

ladies and gentleman, may i present to you the star of the psych lab, Hamlet and Rocky!!
aren't they the cutest hamsters ever!! there's another one, but because that one's evil, i dont like puttin his pic here. :)

fyi, Mr. Hamlet here is twice or maybe 3 times the size of Rocky. different breed.
btw, seth looks like hamlet too so no point wasting space putting his picture there.

on the way home on tuesday, uncle called and asked whether i want to have dinner. i said ok cause i'm so BROKE (refer to the accounting i did in previous post)...

went to kampung subang to eat. my fav, harku fry with salted egg...

but, guess what i found in there...

yeah, a FLY...

but i took off the fly and eat it anyway...

wednesday: i got no class.

so i stayed home the whole day only to go out at night.
to a church.
yes, u read it right. im went to a church.
in CERC, PJS7..

they have this 7weeks talk on Introducing God.

the day when i went, was alrd the second week...

thanks Vanessa for bringing me there and bringing me back to coll :)
and also for the FOOOOD.. :)

it so happens the theme for that night was Indian, so we had Indian FOOD..
it was the FIRST time i had indian sweets.. :)

when we walked in, there's two tables, with tags in each seat.
dont know if they do it every week, or just that day..
hehehhehe... but its soooo cute...
they got my name right even before i met them :)

well, the night was good...

there was FOOd, then music, omg she has verrrry nice voice, but i cant remember how to spell her name... i cant believe she's singing live.. it's like pre-recorded or something..

met jessica, joyce, melissa, adrian, adriel, robin (i think that's all i said hi to) there...
robin is the pastor there, but vanessa call him by name.. i dont know why..

after dinner, there's a short video, then the talk begins... in a very relaxing manner..
nothing too formal.. just sitting at the table, having snacks, and food also, teh tarik, while listening to the talk.. then after that, it's discussion time..

and that is when my mind... is empty.. hahaha

we were the firsts to go off, cause vannessa have to drop me in college... (awwww thanks)

reach home bout 11-ish...
definately looking forward to going there again, if i'm invited :)

thursday: slept at 4am, wakes up late at 7.10am
thanks to the fact that i cant hear my alarm anymore.

sigh, end of semester symdrome.

i survived class today.
tho i think i did badly in research methods.

registered for next semester's subjects.
hope hope hope i will get to come back :)

i ordered CHAR SIEW KAI FAN...
it came, CHAR SIEW FAN...
i never had so much char siew in one go...

on the way back, i notice how hazy it has become...
even in college, i can feel the haze...
then i was determined to take a haze picture.
reach home, change to shorts, grab uncle's dslr, then go out.
went to a secluded place and "spy" on people playing kite..

siao one..
so hazy still got ppl go out exercise, play kite, play aeroplane...
if its not for the sake of taking pictures of the HAZE...

dont remember seeing haze as worse as this before..
tuesday was worse.. even early morning, it's a bit worse then the picture shown...
morning leh. haze. sigh.

btw, I NEED to GET a External Harddisk asap..!!
sigh, when will $$ drop from sky??


xiaowen23 said...

tze tze tze!!
faster continue ur short story..
i wan read ler..!!
hehe.. so many things happening to u lor..
jia you o!! for ur exams..
dun last minute o!!

żħї~qїňg said...

ouch xiaowen dui bu chi..
i forgot to reply u :(
hehehe short story will be continued when i got idea.. wil certainly inform u :)
hahahahhaha thanks,....
btw, now also kinda last minute liao leh.. gosh dun bliff exam so near liao :(