Monday, 8 June 2009

monday, 0806


despite alarms at
[sony ericsson phones can have up to 5 alarms]

i wake up at...

9.34am, and continue to sleep till,


there goes my revising plan. *bye bye*

then i go online, nothing much, turn off.
showered, have breakfast.

go online again, pack my stuff when the comp loads,
read blogs.

was watching video when i realised its already 12pm.
*alrd late if i dont hurry*

lucky i already showered.
changed and went out.
ying fern sms-ed to have lunch.
told her i gonna be late.
: )

it's dangerous driving today. sorry to those the other road users. ha ha.
reached at 12.34pm.

go to cafeteria.
dun feel like eating.

spent RM3 on Zhang Dong Liang advertise de tea.

then went to class.
stupid projector, make me cant sit at 3rd row, have to sit at 4th row.

did Chi-Square for Stats, then after that buy nuggets cause i'm hungry.
there goes another RM2.

intro to psych lec was a bit late to class.
and she ended late too.

paid parking RM2.

then went to ss15 to get things done.
first stop, bank.
second, key place. goodbye to RM 9.50, for one small battery. wtf.
then, guardian. bought stuff totalled up to RM30.60.

went to get the car and drive over to cabana. RM 7 for Tom Yam Rice.
while waiting, i went to burger stall to buy 2 burgers.
not sure of the price, estimated RM 4.90

came home, wanted to pump petrol, but i was already late for TV.
so just come home. reach around 7.15pm.

total i spent today : RM 59
and it's just MONDAY!!

i poured half the Tom Yam away cause it becomes bitter the more you eat it. and too much onion and there's this green chili padi which i know too well not to eat it.
[for those who dont know, the reason i can have spicy food now is...

there was once when we all went to have Curry Fish Head.
there's beans and also chili in the curry.
i didnt know, i thought it was just beans.
i took the whole chili padi, and chew it in my mouth, felt more and more pedas, and it's too disgusting to spit it out. so i chewed more and swallowed.

yes, u heard me right.

i'm a spicy noob, and i swallow chilli then i have to have spicy after that.

that's when the torture began though.

i couldn't feel my tongue for the whole day. no matter how much water i had, it just got spicier and burnt my tongue more and more. was sweating like nobody's business. almost cried because i cant hold back the tears. it feels like a dam just broke and the waters have to go somewhere.

all this, for mistaken CHILI PADI for a BEAN/LADY's FINGERS.

so yeah, this is how i started to have spicy food.
oh JOY!!]

have a nice day!!

ohhhh yahhh!!! today is my FIRST TIME, to REVERSE PARK ALL BY MYSELF IN COLLEGE(and also anywhere else).
*clap hands*

geng leh!!

my first attempt for short story here. if you love short story. if you're too free. please visit here to comment. pleaaase comment. thanks.



Emel - LayChuyDing said...

1st time reverse parking?...r u many years took license d?..hehe

żħї~qїňg said...

hahah.. err 3rd year edi loh... august 8, 2008 i renew de hahhaha...