Thursday, 16 July 2009

exam's over

yeahh!! exam's over. but that doesnt mean that my anxiety's over. this is when my worry start and i have more sleepless nights now than during exam. sad, yeah. alrite lets not talk bout depressing stuff.

exam's over, so time to go on with my plan.

  1. meet kylie and vivian (done)
  2. shopping (mega sale!!)
  3. sitiawan makan makan
  4. penang makan trip
  5. ptptn
  6. pray for me passing my exams :)

i wont feel peace till the results are out. gosh this is more scary than my SAM results. gosh.
okay okay enough of that already.

feels weird. cause this is my first semester break in Uni.
this time it's different because. in a length of 4 months, it feels like i've finish 1 years work.
previously, when there's semester break, we still do have to think about assignments, revision(not that i do, but the pressure is still existing). now, no pressure at all.
hmmmph. regret for the cancellation of the class trip.
at least that would fill our time. and not to mention getting to know each other better.

alrite. im supposed to go home today.
but i am so lazy to pack.
wtf right.
but i have to go home before saturday.
because i have 'important job' saturday morning.
*rolls eyes*

alrite. my plan is,
go home friday morn. but dont tell anyone. head straight to the noodle stall.
eat lu lak, or kam puang with laksa soup.
then go home.
then go harry potter.
hope the cinema got show lah.


LyNn said...


żħї~qїňg said...

hahaha hopefully it is lorh... didnt really plan where to go... but definately will get my tomyam noodles if time permits :)