Sunday, 19 July 2009

i'm home!

after many days of procrastinating (yeah, i know. come back sitiawan also procrastinante. i'm terrible.), i finally get my butt back here in sitiawan.

it's quite hazy on the way back

the first place i went to is the noodles stall near the market and ordered "kam puang mien" and "laksa soup". hehehe. sorry no picture of the laksa and kam puang because i was too busy eating. so excited to see food that i totally forgot about my camera and taking a picture. only managed to take a picture of the bali i ordered tho. hmmmmph.

then called grandma, turns out she's eating somewhere nearby also. so i went over to meet them. lol. the moment i step into the place, i was being judged. lol. you know those aunty, with super big mouth. i was really thankful i didnt called earlier. so i didnt join them for lunch. have my own peaceful lunch is better.

just to clarify: "Yala yala, i fat already. Exam very stress mah what you expect. you want me to eat healthy meal during exam ah? you think i got so much time isit? exam sure eat maggi and mcd lah. and when stress sure eat alot lah. how to not gain weight loh. you think i donno meh i gain alot weight again. but hoh, i want to say hoh, no matter what i do i wont have my ideal weight lorh. so hor, i dont really care already also lorh. i fat got wrong isit? got de jui dao you isit? i got eat ur food mer? i got take up you seat mer? you dont like see people fat is your problem not mine. i'm happy being fat. abuthen? i'm perfectly comfortable being me, and being fat is already part of me. lol. and hor. if being fat means i cant get bf, so what is the kaitan with you? i like lah." :finish clarifying

then, went home. gosh. seen home for the first time since renovation. then i cannot remember what i did. i remember. sleeping. oh ya. i woke up to eat again. (do you know? apparently sumos, yes, those japanese wrestlers. err, sumos, they eat and sleep so they could gain weight and not lose weight. hmmmph. i eat and sleep cause i have nothing to do. so i was keeping all the 'energy' while i sleep huh?). ok ok back to topic. helped to mop upstairs in the evening.

the first facebook status i updated since i came back says, "
oooommmgggg!!!!!! i'm MELTING!!!!! it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot here in sitiawan... gosh..". hehehe, i'm not exagerating here or being dramatic. it IS burning hot here.

had very fishy meal for dinner. fish soup, the fish head i brought back, and the fish we tapau in the afternoon. hmmmph. no comment.

ffk-ed daphne for the bbq at wenyao's place. hehehe. too lazy and tired to go. then helped with the popiah preperation. popiah banyak sedap. tapi banyak kerja oh.

then night went out for dinner. a very satisfying meal. hehehe. came home to cut and eat cake. erm. carrot cake. not bad lah.

lunch at kg cina. yippie! because i say so. hehehe. lurrrrrrrrve the sotong there. and the crab. crab crab. hehehe.

the crab. yum yum. but too bad, for illustration purpose only.
this crab leg fell on the ground after i finish taking pic.
clumsiness. heartache lorh.

then after the lunch, went to buy cendol behind wisma ganda (awwwwwww, my life is complete!). again, too busy eating to take picture. hehehe. on the way there, saw there's a popular book fair in smjk nan hwa. so i went home and go to the book fair. last day oh. lucky i saw the banner. nothing much to buy there. but i end up with this book.

little black dress book

if this book is nice, then i might start a collection again. :)

come back so long, still haven seen any of my friends. hmmmph. miss them lorh. gonna go movie with ms tomorrow. and also yy. hmmmph.

ps: lazy edit those pictures.


Winnie Chong said...

Me wants to read the book!

And me hasn't been back for 3 freaking weeks! Miss Sitiawan wei...

żħї~qїňg said...

hahaha i was away for one whole month before i finally come back :)

me borrows u that book after i finish :)

ShengPing said... the way u
ur part time job is as sumo...hahaha!!!!
so how's the book nice bor?

żħї~qїňg said...

clarify what?

of cux nice la.. the boooks i buy sure nice de..

pixiepixie said...

eeee what book is that?! i need to start reading d so recommend me some! :)

żħї~qїňg said...

its the little black book... i thought it's a collection by the same author... but it turns out that the authors are different fr every book... thank god i choose a good one.. this book quite nice...

if u had yet to read twilight, then i suggest u read that... super nice one... even harry potter fan like me (ahem) says that twilight is as nice, if nt nicer.. hehehhehe...............

or if u want like inspirational or motivational(not sure bt this).. u can try paulo caelho(will confirm the spelling of his family name)... the first book i read is "like flowing waters"... ve3ry nice book....

or else u can try cecelia ahern also...her books are nice too... i read all except "the gift" cause it's too expensive for a poor student like me :)

pixiepixie said...

i want something that's witty and not too long.. i damn sien with long books cuz im a slow reader (idk why seriously). LOL like some cute pocket sized books!

ok i will definitely look out for those books when i go to the bookstore :) but i dun wanna read twilight.... too much mushy romance :P

żħї~qїňg said...

mushy?? thats what makes twilight, twilight :) heheheh

aiyah... errr.. then u have to go and find the books urself edi ... cause most of the books i read is so mushy one (hahahha... not really)..

errr... try confession of a shopaholic..i know there's a movie alrd.. but then still can read the book one mah hehehehe....