Friday, 3 July 2009

today i cant study

i woke up and saw yf's sms.

asking me whether im going to college today.
walaoeh scare me nia, i thought she went because i said im going today.

i change my mind cause im so lazy to go.

then, i cant study somemore. wake up so late.
tried to study/read motivation theory. de dunno who de theory.
ish. i fell asleep. then tak tahan edi i go fb. and msn.

she ask me go teman her lunch. that time alrd 1 something.
i said im super lazy. then i thought.
why not, since i cant study at all edi.
so go kacau her also good mah. *wink*

then ask her wan a&w anot. hehe. lucky she wants.
so i went to get ready (bath) and go tapau.
told her reach earliest arnd 2.30pm.

hehehe. mana tau 2.10 i reach edi..
damn fast lerh...

heheheh. so efficient. ehhehe.

btw. sit at foyer eat. then she went to print her notes and left me alone there.
1 hour plus ler. by the time she come back i alrd lost my concentration.
not that i was concentrating before that.

hahaha. time pass damn fast lorh wtf.

wasted 60cents on paper. wtf. dun ever try printing from paint.
waste time waste money waste energy.
plus embarrassment when computer tech studs saw what i did.

print one pic in 6 different sections. wtf.

ps: no pic today cause i lazy send to comp


LyNn said...

i wanna see the paint stuff you print

żħї~qїňg said...

haahha i post next time