Thursday, 2 July 2009

i had a bad day....

daniel powter's bad day singing on the background.

yes, i had a bad day.

1. planned to go to class early today to study, but i couldnt study.
2. ookay, so i didnt study.
everything happens during class.

lecture : all papers were given back, including the 40% weightage report. wtf, i only got 38/100. and when you convert that into 40% again, then there's no more left. i didnt feel stupid or upset till i realise that i didnt hand in the reference page together. walaoeh, for one, the reference page is the page that i had the most effort on. two, it's considered plagarism if i dont have the reference page. where the fuck did my reference page go? wtf mannn. feel damn stupid at that time. was quite depressed to listen to the rest of the lecture.

tutorial: was still upset with the very low mark report. maziar came in and brought our intro quiz 2. wtf, i only got 4/15. and i studied. i reallly studied for that quiz eh. wtf la. i expected i will get more marks compared to the first one. mana tau.. stoooopid la... by that time alrd super down and depressed liao... cant think anymore... even when dr. teoh asks me quests i wasnt really listening. he assume i was too tired to use my brain or i was sleeping cause he said something like, " is ur brain awake" or something lah... i cannot remember... cause i was hiding behind june... cant see their faces after seeing my loooooow marks..

wtf lah, if i fail my course work then i ma no need exam edi... cause if i fail course work then im considered fail and if i failed one paper im considered kicked out of sunway.. wtf wtf wtf...

i wish i was invinsible.
i want to hide my face.
i dont want people to see me.
for one moment, or two, i really wish i was invinsible.

went to see miss citra after class and she said it's impossible to fail course work... sighs...
then after that i went to print some notes, wtf, i forgot to take my water bottle leh.. alrd walk to car which is quite far cause i went late and today the carpark is quite full... so have to park far.. then walk back to campus to get the bottle.. then when i came home, i have to park quite far also leh... stupid kancil... long story dun wan talk bou that.. idiots.. then i walk till my house onli i remember i didnt take my psych text book.. have to walk all the way back to get the text book.. urgh!! then when i was near the guard house, this stupid black bird decide to "hinggap" outside my car, near the corner of the windscreen and stare at me.. like want to kill me like that.. wtf.. damn freaking scary ok... babi de.. i hate birds.. so disgusting..


LyNn said...

don't leave sunway!
i'll be heartbroken :(
and why cant you shoo the bird away
damn scary
like gonna poke your eye out :(

żħї~qїňg said...

it's up to my results whether i leave or not. i dont want to leave also.. but scary le when i see the past year papers questions... harder than ... quiz.. and quiz also so low mark edi.. :(

err cause de bird suddenly nia... drop on my car or something.. then the stupid bird hold on very tightly to my car ler... then when i stop at traffic light outside coll... de bird stare at me ler.. then i speed off the bird drop on the ground.. i think died edi...

LyNn said...

whoa. you killed it
i ask you shoo him away ni
so evil :P

maybe she just wanna train us leh
urgh luckily her stupid paper is last

żħї~qїňg said...

but seriously hor that day u alrd tole me bout de parenting style..then i see the quests i lupa semua.....

i didnt kill it la... i just drive and it dropped off... takkan u wan me get out of my car then gentle hold the stupid bird put it back on a tree mer... later i go out from my car then the bird come attack me howww......

hahaha that day i went coll ma.. then when i go back i see de spot de bird fell... got dark spot there.. but the bird not there. so i assume its dead :)