Monday, 31 August 2009


swt =.=""

actually i wanted to show my desktop, then i open the streamyx box and print screen.
how dumb can i be? omg.

i wanted to show both...cause, sudah lama i tak tunjuk desktop aku di sini..
heheheh >.<


finish washing eyes with the pic edi?
now, here's the purpose of this post..



  • printed the developmental journal last week and i have yet to read them and i have no time to read them tomorrow morning.
  • because i have a meeting before class tomorrow
  • and i have to make sure that i am not late so that i can attend that meeting
  • so that i dont have to attend it in the afternoon and have time to tend to other stuff such as,
  • omg, ptptn loan application(frigging stress bout this okay, i cant imagine what is it like bc have to go thru, like 10000x more work than mine)
  • i need to go and see the doctor and she closes early :(
  • i need to go to post office, to send in the Star Power 9 contest form and also to buy stamp for ptptn loan thingy
  • apart from that developmental journal i have like, social journal to read and review and pass up like, tomorrow wtf. i totally forgotten about the journals till last night, seconds before i sleep wtf.

this morning is like total procarstination time. i took one hour plus to get myself to go to the library website, and not because it wouldnt load, but because i cant bring myself to click on the link. like, wtf right.

then, i took another hour or so to click on the link that connects me to the databases...

then another couple of hours wasted staring at this screen till i have to sms june and ask her to send me all the journals.
thanks june muakkks..

but then horrrr, i downloaded them from my email and it's been on the desktop ever since.
omg, someone pls slap me or something.

and tomorrow is such a frigging busy day not because of the timetable but because i keep delaying stuff, so im frigging stressed now. like, wtf.



LyNn said...

haha i know you love me :)
stamp post office crap 9 tim liao :P
whee for us
i wanna show off our stamps

żħї~qїňg said...

hahaha i so lazy to write today..just woke up at 10.30 omg... i was THIS tired zZZZ

LyNn said...

i blogged bout my stamps d
hahaha. showed my sis too
i also very tired la
dont know what time to go tomorrow :(

żħї~qїňg said...

i very lazy to go early la but i have to... T_______T
how i wish got someone fetch me to coll tml :)
err just now i went to ur site dun have aslo... hehehehheheheh

yuanzhou said...

Lol another humourous post.

And it's procrastinate i think.

żħї~qїňg said...

hahah paiseh spelling error.. i tried to spell it a few times then i just give up hahaha