Wednesday, 2 September 2009

long long busy busy day

photo credit: lynn

have to drop by post office today to settle some stuff, and there is where i saw 1Malaysia stamp. suddenly i felt patriotic and bought the stamps. lolx.

there's this aunty who went to the counter to get the special chop for the first day covers. she told us the whole set is just rm9.40. kinda attracted to the rm5 stamp tho. damn nice ok, can bling bling one... heheheh

anyways, we just paid our 90cents each and went off. poor student mah, no money to spend on collectible items. hahaha...

went to submit my entry form for The Star Power 9 contest. Aiming at the Myvi for my grandma :)
wish me luck okay?? thanks :) heheheh

the uncle beside us was like "sighs, kids nowadays, so jakun like nvr post letter before, like that also want to take picture" *shakes head*



then went to see doc to get my jab. the doctor very funny lorh.

"so, this is ur third and last jab already. it's going to hurt real bad because of the chemical reactions."

"it's supposed to hurt"

"it's better if it hurt because it shows that the jab is working"

"yes, of course lah u cannot compare this jab with hepetitis b jab. that don't hurt at all"

"are you ready?"

"no need lah, no blood one." , when i asked for plaster.

i went out the doc room, and june was like, "ehhh why got blood all over ur shirt one?"

lol, then i showed it to the nurse, and while she was taking the plaster, i pinch the area more so that more blood comes out. lol. june was like, "eh dont lah, later all the medicine come out also how?" hahahhahaha


oh ya we went to pasar ramadhan in usj 4. quite early so there's not many people yet. err, we bought quite alot stuff, but the kuih is like basi liao that type. yuck. no pic cause all the pics looks disgusting.

err, first time eating this kuih. and june say it's not suppose to taste like that...hmmmm

i got laksa as my dinner. omg so spicy.

and now i'm craving for chicken rice leh. how to lose weight like that?


really bad jam on the way home, omg almost accident cause i was too tired and i dont give a damn. who ask her drive so slow wtf.


oh ya, i slept from 8.30pm to 10.30pm. fell asleep right in front tv. wah, this never happens unless im superbly tired....


tml got one class oni omg. organizational psychology. report due very soon and i have yet to start my job analysis interview. :( need to find TWO people of the same position somemore omg omg omg.


talk finish liao bye


Emel - LayChuyDing said...

I like all the stamps one with multi races one!nice! i wonder i can get it here onot...

żħї~qїňg said...

heheh yeah cute right??? should be able to get it lo.. go see the rm5 ones... really nice leh... if u cant get it then i can help u buy de... :)

Emel - LayChuyDing said...

rm 5 also got?...same pattern ? or different type de... its its cute like tat i really want!lol..being kiddy..:p

żħї~qїňg said...

rm5 de also very cute... but i think de design also like got alot ppl inside one lah.. hehehhehe