Friday, 25 September 2009

busy friday

or does it look like i'm enjoying the view outside?

i was almost late this morning.
fyi, im not even supposed to show my face in uni today!
u know why? because i DONT HAVE CLASSES ON FRIDAYS!
but then, tiba tiba this friday i have ONE FULL DAY!
ok im finish with pissing mood..

thank god that some of the courses are still having their raya break so there's plenty of parking spaces available.

set my alarm at 7am the latest. but somehow, i managed to sleep thru all the noise, and by the time i woke up, there's alrd 9 snoozes from previous alarm. omg.

woke up at 7.40am, left house at 8am.
reach at like 8.30am.. omg still got plenty of parking spaces. normally, by 8.05am, there's no more parking available in the campus already.

alright, i headed straight to Audi 4, the venue for the replacement class.
we're supposed to watch a movie today. the class was supposed to be at 9am btw.

well, there's unfamiliar faces in the class, so i went to sit somewhere near with christine.
lecturer came at only at 9.10 am... by that time the whole class was gathered where we were...

she had to confirm with some management cause there were someone else in the class and then went to see the lecturer in there and signal us to go in after that. kesian the other class have to leave and relocate.

alright, the computer in the auditorium couldnt read the dvd she borrowed from the library, so they tried using another laptop. didnt work also, so tried laptop #2. didnt work again.

so they decided to relocate the whole class to the normal classroom at 1st floor.
walked all the way up, settled down and it didnt work!! that damn computer refuses to read the dvd. omg. then tried on laptop #3.

it WORKed at last!!

but then they were having problems with the projector, so we relocated AGAIN!!
went back to the auditorium with the projector problem. took a while to sort it out, and then by 10am or so, only the show starts.

alright, at first it was a boring, old, colourless, movie.

then, it became more and more interesting, esp towards the end.

not that i was concentrating at the second part. its frigging 3 hours.
i have the attention span of onlu 30 mins max...
then saw the others were sitting on the table alrd, so i joined them.

for the second part of the movie, went to the very last row and emo-ed with the window.. hehehehe took some faceless pictures with the lame camera phone.

my camera decided to die on me today. have to charge battery again :\

and so this ends my chiong hei-ness story. lolx.

owh ya, the movie was supposed to end at 12pm. but then, it dragged till like 1.30pm.
and i didnt fell asleep hehehe.

then the class in the afternoon was pretty interesting tho.
there's this role play session that i particularly suck in. i think i hai dao my group became the lame-st grp...
im so sorry but i still have this speaking in front of people phobia..

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