Friday, 25 September 2009


messiness : no boundries

i'm messy, even in uni.

look at the amount of things on the table.
and thats after some things were kept away in the bag.

that picture was from yesterday.

today was worst. dont even have place for me to write.

side track abit..
hehehe advantages of bringing laptop to coll?
not only the students can refer to the notes in the laptop, but they can also facebook chat.
and spam their classmate's facebook status with crap comments.

ahhhh, no regrets bringing such a heavy thing to uni on a boring lecture day.


ShengPing said...

syok o can online in class...
as usual messy= tze ching hahaah...

żħї~qїňg said...

hahah i tried.. but i just cant be tidy.. i think i need a class on tidiness hehehe

ishhhhh use phone oni the lec also react dunno how edi... if she know we use fb during her lecture... dunno how she will react heheheh