Thursday, 29 October 2009

thru wind and rain, and faulty lights lolx.

class ends late today, but i managed to come out a few minutes earlier. traffic seems bad, but it wasnt that bad.
it was raining quite heavily at that time, which explains the traffic. just as i am nearing home, the traffic seemed bad. very bad. but the odd thing is, the queue was moving slowly even tho i see cars coming from opposite direction. i thought there were police taking care of the traffic or something, but only much later did i know, the traffic light is faulty (right, the timing is so good, faulty traffic lights on a heavy rain evening.) so, being malaysians, everyone was pushing themselves thru the traffic, from every direction.

this is a battle of "siapa berani, dia menang"...
LOOK! cars from every direction -.=

whoever dared to shove their car thru that kind of mess, gets thru...
thank goodness, i wasnt stuck in there for that long, if not buat malu jer....
hehehe... long enough for me to take pictures xD

a simple chart to understand the direction all the cars are coming from

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