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Friday, 30 Oct, Time Traveller's Wife, MJ : This is it

you know, i'm not supposed to have classes on Friday...

but last friday, there's this replacement class at 9am-10am.
or so i thought.

the lecturer said, "The class will start sharp at 9am because i have a meeting at 10am"
okay, trust her.

i happily leave home at 7.30am, reaching uni at 8.15am or so...
waited... waited...

sharp 9am, she came in, to set up the VCR thingy.
LOL, but i thought she said class start sharp at 9am?

u know what? they could not get the VCR to run, so we waited...
and waited... until it's time for her to leave.

by 10am, the technical people brought in a TV and 10.10am, we were watching the so called "VERY HELPFUL" video.
sienx. yes, it's helpful in the sense that we get to see how they conduct the experiment.

by 10.29am, HABIS CERITA!
WTF right?

damn geram ok, waste my time like that waiting for them to get everything right...

then class habis... swt right?
so that's the *ahem* ONE hour class.
babi, it's even shorter than 1 hour ok.
make me wake up at 6.30am just to waste my time like that. you say lah, angry or not?

then whole day nothing to do liao worh!!!!!!
somemore since i alrd leave house i might as well stay out till my movie time, 9.40pm.

yes, what did i do from 10.30am - 9.40pm?
fk la was wasting my time like nobody's business...
(but memanglah, nobody's business)

lepak at foyer till 11am, went to kelana jaya since i so free...
and since im not the one driving hehehe.. xD

came back at 2pm, straight to PYRAMID!!
went to cinema, TIME TRAVELLER'S WIFE at 2.30pm.
got the tickets just in time for the movie xD

bump into fred and mandy at the drinks counter...

hahaha once again, i went to buy couple seat tickets, swt.
ok lah, the movie, got naked butt scene..
was wondering how did it pass thru censorship board..
they got so OPEN meh?

after movie, bout 4pm plus, go walk arnd sunway, saw ying and rach!!
join them walk arnd and go eat yogurt.
damnit cost me RM13.25
pokai liao :(

after that, went back to rach's hotel and chill there while waiting for the rain stop..
to go back to uni xD

wanted to take taxi but then, saw so many ppl waiting alrd...
so we were discussing on whether to take bus or taxi.. lolx..

"how if we buy the taxi ticket edi, then the bus come? wasted lah RM5 liddat"

in the end we waited for the bus to come swt.. bout 6pm liddat i think...

hop on the bus, omg pack like sardin.
lucky i found a place to sit hehehe...

blek xD

back to uni, get my car, go back to sue's hostel, hang there for a while...
then head to pyramid again hehehe...

bout 8pm like that edi...
had Popeye's .... omg it's not bad.. like, the healthiest fast food i ever had ok...
hahaha jakun-ing...

ah then bout 9pm, went back to rach's hotel room and meet her mum xD LOL...
went over to cinema just in time to catch movie...
hehehe couple seat again.. swt..

and i call rach my "girlfriend" heheheh


you know, i never knew MJ before he died? i have the impression that he's weird because i never really know what happened to his skin. funny thing is, i heard of his songs before, but i never know he sung those songs. cause his voice sounds like a female's voice, so... yeah... but that's not the point. since this movie is like, the last 'concert' from him, i decided that i should go watch it and know who really MJ is.

so from the movie i see that...

"MJ. he's like a child who never grow up. there's this part where he duet with a girl, and then he didnt sing really well, and then kenny ortega was asking him whats wrong and then he started giving excuses like, my throat is dry, im still warming up my voice, etc. damn funny ok. the way he say is like small kid kena tegur by daddy...

and then, there was this part, where they put him on a moving platform, for the first time. a test run. he had to put his hand on the railing to ensure his safety up there.. but there was this once, he let go of his hand and then kenny was like, michael please put your hand back at the railing. something like that. and he immediately put his hand back.. hahaha really cute ok..

michael is so damn thin. very very thin. *jealous*

okay, i have no words to describe him, because he's just too extraordinary.

for someone as big as him, King of Pop worr, he still care about every single detail bout his concert.
like, the music arrangements, the dancers, how he want to sing, how he want to appear, how he want the keyboard to play, etc.

and he kept saying "that's why we have rehearsal" when something's not right.

and then, he was very well mannered, according to rach.
as a person, he was VERY polite.

he's MJ.

if he were to live, and This Is It concert were to stage for real, it'll be the most explossive concert in the century.

Goodbye, MJ."



i may never update till my exam finishes.
Goodbye, anyone who bothers to read my blog.
See you in December!!

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