Monday, 30 November 2009

Day 1

today is the first day of exam.
i planned to wake up at 5am, if possible.
but i did set my alarm at 6am too.

i slept at 2.30am, because i cant sleep. no i wasnt kiasu-ing or anything, just that i dont feel tired. fb-ed till i felt sleepy and went to sleep.

5am alarm rang, and i know i will have lack of sleep if i wake up then. so i slept and dreamt of... well its kinda weird, almost every1 in psychos. like, seniors, juniors, classmates, lecturers. i dont know why dont ask me.

then 6am alarm rang, like every 15 minutes or so. i didnt even hear the alarm ok. not even once. omg. then i woke up suddenly, thinking what time isit alrd. its weird that i felt like i slept for quite a long period of time, but the alarm didnt rang yet. i saw thru the blinds, its quite bright alrd outside. wanted to sleep back and just wait for that damn alarm to ring. but the moment i closed my eyes, i suddenly came to realise that "It's alrd bright outside"... checked the time, it's alrd 6.53am. wtf am now 53 minutes late.

the lucky thing is, its school holiday now and those kids dun have to go school so i dont have to rush with them. like, the traffic is still moving.

thank god. i reach on time.

halfway thru exam, i got a headache. which last till night.

i came home after exam, fb, have lunch, tv... then i slept straight thru 7pm cause i have headache. didnt really go away till i have panadol. swt.

while every1 is busy preparing for next exam, im sleeping it away...