Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Project Step [All over again]

All my efforts to lose weight is useless... 
None of the effort actually provide any good results...

Earlier this year, I introduced Project Step to myself. But sadly, it only lasted like, once? Haha talk about my motivation hehehe. For those who is now scratching their head on what the hell is Project Step, basically, its a fancier name for "taking the first step". In order to lose weight, for example, the first step is to be disciplined and wake up every morning to jog/exercise. However, I only woke up ONCE. failed!

Well, it not necessarily means losing weight. It could also mean, well, for procrastinators, taking the initiative to do the assignment (not the last minute ones), or just preparing for exam early. Erm, I think you get the idea. hehehe. 

I've thought long and hard. What else can I do to motivate myself? Since I'm so lazy and all... Hmmmph, well, for one, I can just list down the food intake I had for the day and make myself feel guilty. I think it's quite a good way, in the sense that I actually realise what did I really eat for the entire day. *Can consider as a part of PRoject Step horrr?* Hehehe

Ok, for today, I had...
  • Two slices of white bread, with thick layer of Creamy Peanut Butter.
  • One cup of Milo
  • One packet of Soya Bean Milk
  • Rice, with tofu, and two types of Veg.
  • Soya Bean Milk plus Cincau
  • One packet of Pisang Goreng Masin
  • One Prawn Burger Special
  • One Subway Sandwich
  • One Herbal Tea
  • One Nescafe Mint
  • One bottle of Asam
  • Three Sour Sweets
You see, when you list it down like that, you actually realise like, OMG I ATE SO MUCH TODAY! If not, you would have just thought, Nah, today is like, I had the 3 normal meals.. 

When listing it down, try to be as specific as you can and try to list down like, EVERYTHING that goes into the mouth. :D 

No wonder, I feel so FAT today.

So, for those who lose my point up there, this time, instead of setting unrealistic goals like, "Go exercise every morning" or "Do the studying NOW", set a realistic goals for urself. For me, listing down everything I eat in the day really helps in making me feel guilty. :D

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