Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Goodbye Bunny&Teddy

Hi guys, say goodbye to the teddy template... :(
been using it for a few months, and i realised that there's alot people using the same template as me, so i decide to change it. but, i decide to do it AFTER exam, not before. Hehe... I'm loving this template...It's called Cinderella Carriage.. Nice right?

Goodbye cute teddy bunny template...
Will certainly miss u :D

I've gotten used to writing on white background. Gives me more freedom with the colours, although I didnt really utilised it well. Now, with the background this colour, I really have to try a few times till i get the right matching colours (not that i do it often, but stilll)...

Oh ya, i forgot to add, Comment box is now Below the post. 
have gotten used to comment box above the post too =.="

Do you like this template?

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