Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Post Exam Syndrome

I'm getting old and losing my memory T___T

you know, I sent the pictures from my phone to the laptop so i can blog. Then when i finish transferring them, I edited them for fb. and not for blog. omg what the hell is wrong with me? Post-Exam syndrome?

For the past two weeks, I've been so busy, with work and exam, and now, i feel so... empty.
i dont know what to do, or what to not do.
i think i should get a life.

Last Saturday, went to relative's house because they're getting married. I think that guy is my cousin. now u know what i mean when i say i got no social life? i dont even know who my cousins are.

i think this is nice. the room. & especially the red. it's so traditional. i made a stupid comment by saying, "I never seen anything so red in my life". and someone replied, "Next time when you get married, it's going to be like this also". All i could do is just to shake my head. No, i dont want to get married. But if i ever do, this is what im going to get also. this is soooooo much more original and traditional and not to mention, expensive compared to modern days one. Yes, its gonna be like this when i get married. if i ever do. by the way, I LOVE THIS PICTURE!

I think I'm weird. there's this part of me that wants to go againts rules and also tradition. but there's this another part of me that insist on following tradition. i said, "Tradition. Not rules. ok?"

it's ok. i dont understand myself sometimes either.

it was the last day of exam. the time was postponed from 9am to 2pm. but still i went early to try and study. i said TRY. depressing stuff aside, i steped into the classroom and realise that this is the last time in 2009 im gonna switch on the air cond. the last time im gonna switch on the light. the last time where i'll be the first one to step into the class in the morning. sound like i so rajin hor... i AM!!

i guess i was quite stressed up. its quite heavy for a breakfast. yogurt, milo, two breads. normally, it was only one bread and one milo. i had that bout 9am.. and lunch at 12pm. i dont know what to say either. hopefully my diet plan for holidays will work. damnit it's gonna be 2010 and i want to be HEALTHY for once in my life. not to mention my 21st bday. DIET DIET.

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