Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Xamster down!

i've decided. 
it's now or never. 
be prepared for a LOOOONG post ahead. considering how many days i stop updating alrd.
the post is going to end up like a messed-up-essay, so yeah, u can save ur eyes from this torture. forgive me for such long essay. how i wish i could write like that for exam. but sadly, this is not the case. and i know my english is very broken. i have no more strength to write like normal people, and spell in normal people spelling. i just want to spill everything out so i can have a peaceful sleep later.


Xamster - Exam Monster (go figure)

2nd paper was, well, I crapped. 
3rd paper, wthell, the things that i read, it didnt came out. the things taht i dont read at all, they all came out. so what to do? crap my way thru lorh.
4th paper, last minute studying, resulting in not remembering all the important facts. i will get a call for resit paper. hopefully i dont get any calls lah....

been spending like 85% of my waking hours in uni last week. even saturday and friday leh! i so rajin horrr???? saturday i couldnt wake up early, so i went at around 11am. waited for the two other people to come. couldnt really concentrate at first edi. so rach came and was typing away at the computer section. waited for her to finish before i can actually go and eat. walao hungry like wan become hungry ghost edi... then the other one couldnt wake up, so she met us after we finish our lunch. wasted alot of time waiting for the siew pau to be ready. in the end we gave up and head back to uni.... was studying at the quite area, but it seems like, we're disturbing everyone else..oh ya, we went to photostat notes... i didnt know my account have no credit, so we couldnt log in to the machine. like wtf right.. at first we didnt know so we went downstairs to the computer lab... but some people are having exams inside, so it was closed to desperate to photostat people like us... went back to the quiet area to create more havoc and got rach to print the stuff... in the end we went backm cause i couldnt study....resting at home while waiting for the tv... till my uncle came and ask me to get ready to go to klang.... ok so i went because my grandma was there also.... some relative's wedding.. heheheh... nice house btw.. and it took like 1 hour for us to get there cause of traffic jam and slow moving traffic... ok so i drove there... couldnt find the place at first tho... the first thing my grandma said to me when she saw me was, "YOU FAT AGAIN"... LOL... 

spent a few hours there and went over to puchong at 12am. yam cha at some kopitiam there till 1.30am.. so obvious they want to shoo us out of the shop cause they were already closing everything. 

so the next day, i have to wake up at 6, but i couldnt wake up cause i was friggin tired... was in uni from 10am... till like, 11pm? on a SUNDAY! can you believe this? well, did tried to study... and it was definately better than the day before.. and have to thank fred for helping me with the notes. hehehhe.... i got empty notes even till one day before exam... and he has to look thru the text book and fill in the blanks for me... well, it works two ways.... he got to revise and i got free notes. *roll eyes*

ok, today, monday, went to uni early morning again. the very last time im going to uni this year. yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. was in the room since 8 am right till 1.30pm... did try to study but it was kinda noisy inside... well, i appreciate group discussion, but it's when i know my stuff. another group of people were inside the room as well. dont understand why they have to come and share room. there's an empty room jut beside the class. weird. 

ok during exam today. wtf lah. i look at the question. i know. i will die. true enough. i spend about one hour finishing the whole paper and another 2 hours dreaming and looking around. ok, i dont know my stuff. i admit. publically. well its public, if there's anyone reading this thing. but i dont cheat. unlike some people. no matter how desperate i am, i wont cheat. like, this is the FINALS eh. cheat now and im dead forever. 

ok so after exam, waited for bus for like, 1 hour? but it didnt come so we decide to walk to pyramid. we walk, and walk and didnt see the bus on the way. wonder how long the people there would wait? hmmmm... lucky we decide to seek other form of transportation. bus number 11. our kaki. ehehhee... ok so we went to asian avenue tot want to makan oyster mien sien. but the thing is, the place is soooooooooo small and there's no place to sit. pity yuki didnt get to eat that... 

headed to pizza hut.. hehe dah lama din eat there edi so we had dinner there.. and yuki's mom came.. and sat there to rest while we talk.. and when the bill came, she paid... free dinner, thanks aunty! 

then we went to some mag shop to buy mag. and then. i bought galaxie which cost like rm5. went to popular to get cleo. rm 5.60. then i saw a nice cross stitch magazine. rm25. the cheapest. i want tatty bear cross stitch. hehehehe. so i bought. i dont know whether this is call impulsive buy or not. or my mum gonna kill me for buying anot. heheheh. 

so by the time we come home. its alrd late. and we missd the bus. so we have to go and get the cab. hmmmph.... 

now that exam's over, i better enjoy myself before i get THE CALL. i know rach would hate me for saying this. but i know what i did. i know i would get THE CALL. i admit i didnt study enough. i dont know what happened to me. it's the hatred for the subject. i think. 

now that holiday is here... i want to.... 
  • lose weight.
  • do cross stitch
  • read books
  • exercise
  • go repair me bike
  • sleep like there's lots of tomorrows
  • JOG
  • photography. learn. 
  • study IO. which im sure i fail.

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