Sunday, 21 March 2010

do u care?

im bored, im screwed, and i have no one to talk to.

i look through my phone, there's no one i can call.
i look through the msn list, there's no one who cares.
i look through fbchat, there's no one i can buzz.

am i this friend-less and lifeless?

to anyone who cares to read my blog,

IF i die today, would you remember me?
would you think of me?
would you remember the things we did together?
would you come to my funeral?

1 year down the road,
would you still remember me?

would i just disappear into thin air...
without a trace..

life is like a drama for the past few days... i thank God for the friends that i have, without them, i don't know how am i going to stand up and continue on...

no matter what, i thank you.
thank you for all the invites,
thank you for introducing new people,
thank you... for considering me your friend.
i love you xD

as of now,
i failed my subject,
tomorrow is a new semester, which means that i'll be seperated from my closest friends in uni. it's bullshit if i say im not scared and am not sad to be seperated from them. they're like my comfort zone.. being in a new class is like, starting everything from zero again... i made friends the first time, what about the second time? what if im forever the outcast of the class?
and, i think that my mum is angry with me.

problems, problems, problems T____T




LyNn said...

say until we dont exist just cause diff class.
who more sad la now!
we sure will still find you geh

yuanzhou said...

You're so emotional! Cheer up! And I'd remember you. :)

żħї~qїňg said...

lynn: i din say u guys din exist lah.. it feels like, so near yet so far.. i din get to see u all today also... saw steph nia cause she's forever early :D :D
huhu...your class seems packed...
im starting to love dev (i think)...
im alone nia in class today... i;ve learnt my lesson.. no more fb during clases..

yuanz: hahaha.. thank you :D
dont know whats wrong with me but i damn emo this few days..

pixiepixie said...

sigh.. the feeling is the same.. no one likes being out of their comfort zone but i guess we all have to experience it several times in life.

and of course i will still remember you. you guys were the only bunch i was close to during that dreadful year of college blahh!! *vomits* sometimes i really wish i could erase that entire year out of my history but save u guys in my memory... hmm..