Saturday, 27 March 2010

gonna be 21

in less than 3 months, i'll be 21 years old.

time is running up, and i have yet to have plans to celebrate.

i have yet to decide whether i want to make this big,
or just a quiet celebration with family and friends, like how it used to be.

when i was young, i was given/have the impression that being 21 years old is oh-so-great.
i cant wait to be 21 years old.

now that im nearing 21,
i'm not sure whether there is something for me to be so excited for.

in terms of achievement, i havent have any great achievement.
success, i have not yet reach there.
life, is still a long journey.

so, party or not worrr??


yuanzhou said...

I don't think there's anything to be excited for ohnestly. But if you have, then good for you. Enjoy yeah. Life's only gonna go downhill from here (in terms of aging).

żħї~qїňg said...

yeah i know now there's nothing to be excited for.. well, 21 is just like, 20, 19, 18, etc.

but when i was younger, i always have the idea that 21 is when you really grow up and u know everything... something that happens overnight.

well, it doesnt work this way (it seems like)... T___T

nah, my life's just starting... it still going uphill hahahaha... a few more years down the road, it may be downhill then...