Saturday, 27 March 2010

weird de lor mydream

i had a weird dream last night.

i dont know what’s wrong with me, but in my dream, war is coming.

we’re all preparing for war, and one particular day, we have to evacuate our house. packed everything. i was deciding between carrying my crumpler (red and black bag) or a totally white bag.

then someone told me to take just the crumpler because its less obvious and its easier if we need to go in hiding. prob is, the crumpler makes loud noise when opening.

i took… shampoo and conditioner, new ones.. and cotton buds, because there’s lots of them, and the plaster for back pain cause there’s a new one lying around and i figure they must be useful.

in my dream, my fren came looking for me when we were all packing. i dont know what is the purpose of the visit, but she came. and i was packing while talking to her.

and, i woke up not long after taht. i remember asking what time are we leaving and someone said 1.30pm and the time then was 11.50am. so i had time to shower.

oh ya one of the relative called me to tell me that he was having my bowl of noodles somewhere. the location he told me was unfamiliar to me.

urgh~~ weird dream x.x


yuanzhou said...

Try to observe upcoming events in your life and see.

żħї~qїňg said...

hmmmph, i think it has smtg to do with the resit.