Sunday, 11 April 2010

Another dream post

My dream last night and today is both relationship based. I don't know whether the dreams mean anything but it's odd that both dreams i have is so related to each other. Or maybe its not that weird after all. he-he.

The "I" and "me" in the story does not 100% represent the real me. My dream might make a new character without a reason. Just to make it clear. Thank you.

My dream last night.

I was spending time with my best-est guy friend. One day when he was sending me home, I have the urge the ask just hold his hand. I was going to ask whether I could borrow his hand for a while. When i was fighting my conscience on whether or not to ask, and whether or not he will get the wrong message, somehow he brought me to his house. In the dream, he asked me to go into the house first while he park his car. I went in and saw his grandmother and uncle, watching TV. I greeted them and stood at the side of their sofa. No intention whatsoever to sit down, because i thought it would just take a while. Plus, they didn't offer me. :D

Then he went into his room and came out shirtless. His grandma commented that he hasn't been shirtless with a long pants in a very long time (as in, the formal working pants. it was light brown/beach). Then, blah-blah-blah-uninteresting things happen, and i woke up.

And regretted not having the courage to ask him, even in my dream. Ask in dream and getting rejected wont die one mah.

BTW, I don't have a best-est guy friend. This is all fiction.

My dream when I was having a nap.

Apparently, a long one.

Well, basically in this dream, I did something stupid and end up knowing someone twice my age and fell in love with him.

He's someone important and I'm in charge of managing an event. Of course, he's the VIP and at one crucial point, I made my self stand out in a not-so-good way.

Lame random stuff, and I'm not sharing it here.(PS: I think i kinda fell down from a very high place and hurt myself or something. Anyway, I/or someone else, kinda ruined the event and it didn't go on well. It ended half way.)

Alright, somehow after that, I was in his car. I think he's supposed to send me home or something(because i injured myself, doh!). We got to know each other closer and I ended in his home. Random stuff. Discovered that his son is one year younger than me (and is my junior in school!!). SWT!

Then, we went to my home and everyone is there. My mum, grandparents, uncles, aunts. EVERYONE. They didn't say anything bout him (i know they're controlling themselves and are talking behind my back), but when we finished dinner, i showered while he was in the living room watching TV. I kinda signaled him to go somewhere and my mum kinda realized and mumbled, "I don't know what's wrong with you, he's too old for you". Well, mumbled, but it was clear enough for everyone to hear.

And at that time, I kinda told her that there's nothing going on between me and him and he's just another random friend. I was originally planning to go somewhere to hang out, but seeing my mother's response and him being unwell (or too tired) I sent him home.

I think the story kinda end there.

The second dream has more detail, as in.. The first time we held hands, the first time we hug, the first time we cuddled, the first time we share problems (as in talked and the other party listen and responds), blah-blah stuff. And, we didn't talked bout our age at all, till when i asked him on our way to my house. He didn't believe I'm 21 and he didn't tell me his age.

Ok this essay finish.


hishiko said...

very interesting dreams! haha!
in the first dream, u should ask him! wahaha..
second wan, geng o the dream.. some more that guy is old enough to be ur dad leh.. haha!

żħї~qїňg said...

haha ya lorhh... damn regret din ask eh.. i remember imaginng the consequences.. and then, reach his house edi... lolx..

hahahah seconddreaem..omg can consider nightmare ba

pixiepixie said...

LOL well the first dream what kinda "missing" details are we talking about here? the guy walked out shirtless. need i say more? ;)

2nd dream, is this guy some old uncle? he married? he has a son? divorced? huh?? very interesting indeed lol.

żħї~qїňg said...

shirtless as in he feels so at home and its not a stop at his house for a while like i expected.

nope, in the dream he's not old uncle. can say... look like in 30s?
i think he divorced or wife died. he doesn't look that old but suddenly got one son younger than me 1 year T__T

pixiepixie said...

lol means he must've gotten his wife pregnant when he was like... what... 12?! lol dreams do funny shit in ur head.

żħї~qїňg said...

hahah yeahhh the second one doesnt really make sense.. but im more concern bout the first one... :D heheheh