Monday, 19 April 2010

It's the Climb~

I know, this blog has not been regularly updated. It's lacking pictures and it's very boring. Seriously, I myself were bore by my own blog. Every time I look at the blog, I don't know what should I do with it. Thinking of changing the theme again, because this one is a bit gloomy, but I have no time. I'm currently procrastinating.

It's not like I have nothing to say, no pictures to post. For the month after Chinese New Year, I have been going out quite regularly for photo session. Problem is, there's too many photo I don't know which one should I post. LOL. We practically finish exploring Sitiawan and there's like no more place to take pictures. zZZ

I went back again last weekend. And this time, we met up with some ex-classmates from high school, it's been 4 years since I met them. They brought us to a 'lombong' in a secluded area and for rock climbing. They call it hiking, I call it rock climbing. We went on Saturday and I'm still aching till today.

Hopefully, there's more nice pictures to come in future. This batch has nothing to shout about. They're pretty normal and not dslr quality.

Here's the pictures. :D

On the way home from KL.

Phail cloud picture.

Finally, we reach Kg. Koh.

The pretty lombong. The scenery there quite nice, but noobs cannot take nice picture.

There's actually a lot dragon flies there.
But they're all babies.

It's the Climb~~
I went 3/4 way up and then I just gave up.
They all went further up.
Because I know if I went up, I wont be able to come down.
I'm afraid of heights.

i love the colour.
It looks like the dino-clou

Empty road.

ohhhh i love this pic.
Somehow mysterious.
On the way to Bidor.

Back to KL.
Long long more to go T__T

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