Sunday, 6 June 2010

the comeback post

I think I lost the will to write. Well, writing. It's the purpose of this blog right? Initially it wasn't about the pictures, but now that I'm taking more pictures than I used to, I think I've gotten kinda obsessed with posting only pictures.

Well, haven't been properly updating in months (felt like years tho). I don't know where to start, so let's talk about yesterday and today. Last night, I left uni only at 1am. The gates have already closed... and i think that signifies how late is it already. Blah, this shows how hardworking I am ok? hehe. Yesterday was a Friday, there's no classes on Fridays, but yesterday I have a replacement for the previous Monday's class. It's a 3 hour class and I was wondering what will she do for that 3 hours. I was expecting lecture (Duh!).

Okay, class starts at 1pm, but i went like 11am, reached and waited till 12pm to get lunch and also to see another lecturer. Not happy because I suck again in assignment. Why does Communication seem so difficult? Maybe I took the right path. Maybe I'm not born for Mass Comm (Duh! Obviously lorrrr).

Okay, so i was 10minutes early for class and there's like 4 people in class? Wth, i thought everyone will be absent so i sat in front. Not that i'm complaining. After all, that's like, the one and only place I sat in since Sem1. But alone? I scared.


Okay, the lecturer discussed the previous tutorial questions and I didnt do it. She's gonna hate me so much for my laziness. Then, we watched movie. Nice one okay, now I want a Hamburger phone.

Quote Juno, "Hold on, I'm on my Hamburger phone." *Proceeds to shake the phone and then continue talking*

hehehehe, Im on my hamburger phone, oh how i wish i get to say that.... it's like, Hellow, I'm talking to you on my Hamburger phone... Yes, it's a Hamburger.... LOL, ok ignore me.. syok sendiri moment kekekek

okay, was at the secluded place in the uni after class to get some work done, and then went to dinner at Ac and then went back again to uni. that's why i stayed till 1am.

So i came back and then u know it's dangerous to be driving in the dark areas, and i decided to use the highway and then i took the wrong turning and end up in ara damansara SWT. lucky i went there before, and i wasnt like freaking out in the middle of nowhere.

reach home 1.30am with the guard questioning me with his very proper english. i was like, "pardon?" for like 3-4 times till he got a lil irritated and then i finally got what he said... "where are u going?" "BACK HOME!"

slept only close to 4am and today, woke up at 10am cause yen yen called me!!!!! got a few missed calls on the Digi, unknown number so i din care much. somemore i come back so late at night, dun bother to call back lah. this morning, the number called again and the girl on the line was saying, do u know who am i... i said no i dont know who are you. hahahahhaha... damn funny she replied, ohhh so u dont know who am i..... swt moment...

btw, its a surprise cause she's in US all this while and to get a call from her is like the last thing i would get. Actually no.... Altho i only know her for like a few months, but she even bothered to call and meet up everytime she's in msia... unlike people that i have known for years and not even overseas...... People like her, not selfish, not looking down on people(she damn smart one ok, get scholarship go overseas), remembers my number!!! (very important, if not how to keep in touch?), is good people... Nais people.... :D

ok i was awake at 10am, till........1pm, 2pm? dont know lah, but i slept arnd that time till 8pm. till i officially woke up. LOL. okay, i have my presentation on tuesday, need to prepare my part and also try to help with the slides if theres any thing i can do, and also, practice x3... i suck in comm skills assignments and i have to use this opp to get a better grade... i aint failing comm skills i dont care. die die also i dun want fail..

and i have a report due this monday ahhhhh.... it's nothing compared to those research report or term paper or report-y report.... so im still.... so ever relaxed... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~

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