Friday, 11 June 2010

my first part time job

Hello people!!!

I've always wanted to change my blog layout but I was either too busy or too lazy or I don't know where to get nice blog layouts. Viola, my prayers are answered when I log into blogger this morning. (hahah i know after 12pm is like afternoon, but to me its morning cause i just woke up okeh?)

I totally L O V E this layout!! Hehe talking bout over excited-ness. There's like soooo many others that I liked too, but I only have ONE blog and ONE blog means ONE layout. so yeah,... next time then :D :D :D

But i'm not happy with the header tho...

Hehe, the main reason for this post.

To share my FIRST ever working experience!!

Ya ya, you must be thinking, "Spoilt brat, never worked before in her life, like so big deal, cheh work only mah, need to show off anot?"

I'd say, "You don't like isit? at the top there for big red [x] u can go there now! :p"

Alright, if you're still here.... Let's move on!!

Last week, my shadow ask me want to work on Wednesday night or not. I said ok cause I got nothing to do. Then she ask me to ask Ying. She said ok too. So set lor... (aiks, so boring-ish)

Okay so Wednesday night, 9th June... We went over to Cineleisure Damansara to work. What work? Karate Kid Premier Screening yo! Hehe, I didn't know there's so many Karate Kid fans out there.

We got there by 6.30pm, had dinner, and then walked up to the cinema, where we were allocated our jobs. My main job for the night is to... Check bags for electronic devices. Kinda scary tho, thought people would scream at us, the bag checkers for delaying their time to the cinema, but all went well. Luckily everything went well :D :D

Then when everyone went into the hall, we went over to the phone collection counter to sit and rest. And when the movie's done, we helped at the phone collection counter. Surprisingly, it was sooooooooo fast weh. We're done in 20 minutes.

And the job ends at 12.15am. Reach home only at 2am.

my first job, as the security for Karate Kid Premier.
hehehe damn funny.

toy story 3!!
its woody and buzz lightyear.
am i too old for this movie?
i grow up with disney movies worrrrrr...
Yesterday when i mentioned that i wanted to watch Toy Story 3,
Jing was like, "How old are you ah?"
"Kenot isit?"

we so smart went to park the car over in Ikea.
by the time we finish work, some of the lights are off, and mine was the only car left.
luckily i wasnt walking over alone weh, so damn scary-ish.

First time working wor, of course must camwhore mahhhh.


suhaisweet said...

u got nice n3..peep my latest here Check it Out!

deNNis kok said...

eh tze ching, so kebetulan!! I also logged in today to find out got designs for us to choose!hahahhaa..i also lazy to change and lazy to find nice 1...and after i change i posted 1 "xing li xiang tong". hehe

Lukey Cher Hong said...

we're never too old to watch toy story 3! glad u enjoyed ur fist day working :p

żħї~qїňg said...

suhaisweet: whats n3?

dennis: hehe... last night i try find... but all also... either not nice or use before. the one before this is like so depressing. colour too dark

lukey: heheheh yeah yeah... we're the toy story generation :D thanks :D

Xiaowen23 said...

OMG!!! i love the background of ur blog!!

żħї~qїňg said...

hehehe nais hor? like tatoo on my blog

Serene said...

hey hey! i've never had a proper job before too >.< i can understand your excitement!


żħї~qїňg said...

hehe :D