Thursday, 1 July 2010

busy busy week

24th June :
Birthday, and Rushing for Presentation slides

25th June:
didn't sleep the previous night, Presentation at 8.30am, slides not done. Rushed home after presentation and went to KLIA for flight to Bangkok. Arrived in Bangkok at 5pm. Jam hour. 1 hour drive to hotel, freshen up and dinner nearby. went to Suam Lum night bazaar till midnight. rained when we wanted to leave.

26th June:
went to Chatuchak. Siu yok there is super delicious, i want to go again!! Took train the whole day i want to pengsan. not complaining tho. its kinda fun. got lost, then took cab to Thai Leather Fair. Then went somewhere to sit at the bus stop while waiting for the others, and McD. Samurai Pork Burger FTW!! Freshen up, went to Health Land for foot massage. Then to Pathong to walk somemore.. crazy day~~

27th June:
Booked a van to the floating market. 130km from the city. Nais food on the river okeh... yummy-licious koay teow thng... Then went to see my friends, and paid 600baht for a ride on my friends, the elephant. stopped by on the way back for lunch, sleep all the way back. Dropped things back in the hotel, went to Pratunam but left after 10minutes. too noisy too many people. Took tuk tuk to MBK, where i kena cheated 200baht because the tuk tuk driver drove off without returning money >:(
shopped in MBK till evening. dinner at Bar B Q Plaza. 480baht for 6 people. damn cheap ok.
Then, went back hotel thru train, freshen up and went back to Health Land again for massage.
Had 7-11 frozen food for supper. Damn delicious i tell you!!! why lah Malaysia dun allow pork?? if not we also have yummy-licious 7-11 frozen food hehe. ok im not complaining, can always fly to thailand to have their frozen food. *rolls eyes*

28th June:
Early morning go airport. Reached Malaysia at 2.10pm, took one hour to come out from immigration sweat-ness. Back home, had lunch and the others went back to stw. rest, relax, facebooked, almost sleep edi, then mum called and say my grand-aunt passed away already.

29th June:
went home to stw for the funeral. too tired, i slept whenever i had the chance.

30th June:
woke up early morn, but the rest had yet to wake up, so i went back to bed. was in deep-sleep period when mum woke me up. thus, resulting in the tired-ness the whole day. went for breakfast then to the funeral. i stood behind hilux to take photo okay~ from kg. koh to thur market area. :) kekeke.

1st July:
It's been a busy week, now that i can slow down and read my notes, i am so unmotivated.

fk the english, i dun give a damn edi, too much info in the brain i cant think much.

5th July: EXAM!!! I haven start study ahhhhhhhhhhh~~




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