Wednesday, 7 July 2010

i'll be back!

omgosh i just realised that the blog's so dead.

was reading back at my older posts, and i just remembered i have my gary posts. ouch, it's like april's event wehhh.... ok ok i will blog bout that right after my exams :D :D the reason for the late-ness is partly because i dont know how to write it and i feel like i will spoil the excitedness or something by writing it not so excitingly... *low self-esteem mah*

and its like quite an important blogpost for me *cause its like the first time i see him so up close* and i dont want to ruin it.

kind of in the middle of exams, and i have another paper on monday, and i have yet to start reading. seriously its not a nice paper, and i will try to love it for this one week...

i will end this post with one pic from Bangkok :D

i realised alot of my posts are very wordy. me no likey.

he must be thinking, "what the hell, never see people wash pots before isit?"

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