Thursday, 8 July 2010

random dreams

gosh i had the weirdest dream.

together with another friend, we drove to another state, where my crush-ed came from. went to the clinic there to say hi to my friend's friend. we were there to do something, i just can't remember what. were supposed to go home at the very same day, but i knew that he was around and so i tried to coax my friend to ho home one day later.

ok so she finally agreed and i find myself rushing for a flight. sitted in the place, but the plane did not take off. *roll eyes* where to take off to? the place just moved, and crossed a river, and i arrived at my destination. weird ha? ok, i don't know what happened to the car i drove before also, and i have no idea at all why the hell was i in the plane the first place.

called him and tell him that i'm around and on the pretext that we are looking for nice foods and recommendations. when he give some suggestions, it's not like we know where is what and how. so in the end he had to come over, and we, have to look for a place to stay the night.

he could only come at 4.30pm, it was like 1pm when i called.

then, when he came, i was in the building, described to him where i was, and he look nervous when he didn't see me anywhere. hello, i have to walk out the building first ma.

when i came out, i saw him asking a random stranger there whether you have seen a girl this tall, hair this length nearby. the stranger said no and left.

then when he saw me, he ran towards me and he hugged me so tight it hurt my nose :( i told him to back off cause my nose hurts, and then, awkward hug next.

apparently, he brought a friend too. :(
and it's a she.

then, we went somewhere to get food, and she end up shopping for books and we all have to wait for her. i went in the store to get sweets and he was holding her books, before paying he said something like, confession of love, eg. I fell for you since the first time I met you, I've been giving so many hints and why didn't you see any of them? Even if you rejected me today, i would be still waiting for you, bla bla bla ( ok he said it in a more touching manner, in other words too).

then she kinda disappeared, and he helped me pay for my sweets and returned the change to me. so i was kinda confused and ask, who were you confessing to? he said her. *heartbreak*.

well, throughout the whole time, have to act like i'm supporting him. and tried to get them together. *Stupid*

but it's nice to meet up after so long. xD

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