Saturday, 7 August 2010


According to, this is post number 712. It's been a long journey. I had this blog since form 3. wow-ness.

It's so peaceful here, i don't feel like going home so early :(

Exam results are very worrying. Why so they have to add an extra step? If they would just call and tell, then we wouldn't have to wait so long. Result are out yeah, but we can't see our results yet, because it's not in izone yet. and for a high risk student like me, i have done nothing but worry during my holidays.

since the start of holiday till now, there's only one question in my mind. "What if I failed? What will I do then?"

Just want to share one emo song today.

what happened, you're tired, hadn't we agreed, to have happiness
i understand, don't say anymore, love had weakened, my dreams have sunk
being happy and not, narrating them one after another, you can't bear it
those feelings of having loved are too deep, i still remember them

Partial lyrics from here.

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