Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I *heart* Psych

Today in the lecture, the lecturer said something about determining the aims and goals, and also know what the students expectations, what they look forward to in learning a subject, etc. (oklah, something like that, I wasn't paying attention)

Then, in the midst of my day dream, I thought to myself and wondered, "Is this what I really want? Is psychology my calling?" Then the answer came to me, "Yes, this is all that I've dreamed of. Studying Psychology."

I want to know more, I want to gain more knowledge in this field. I want to be a psychologist. The road is long, but one day, I will be there. I believe I can.

There are people who think that what I'm studying now is "oh-so-cool", but it may not be so. Well, it IS cool, but its not easy too! As it is with any other degrees out there. I think that those studying photography are cool, but if you are judging from what you see from the outside, you are definitely wrong. Have to understand the whole thing to judge. I once thought too, photography just take camera, point and click to take photo only mah.. easy job... but when you learn more, you'll realise it's a whole new world there.

ok, side track a little. I think i have love-hate relationship with psychology. I enjoy this subject, I love learning new things, I like administering scales, but, I dont love to revise, and there are some parts of psychology I hate with all my heart. Like, IO.

The one subject that I struggled to keep my eyes open 5mins into the lecture. Even seeing the words make me sleepy.

Btw, anyone willing to teach me english?


yuanzhou said...

I may have told you this before and I think I did but I love stressing my points, so I am going to say this again, I think psychology is interesting and cool too. I'd've taken it if it there's a engineering-psychology double degree around.

By the way, teach you English? Are you kidding?

żħї~qїňg said...

psychology is related to everything. mayb u can do a part time course when u finish ur engineering course.. or u can buy some books to read... just reading for pleasure and gaining knowledge maybe?

yes, teach me english...
im serius... my english is at a very basic level. i wan step into the intermediate rank :) hehehe.. dun need too advanced, just intermediate enuf heheh

Anonymous said...

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