Saturday, 18 September 2010

me can type chinese, dont play play

我很开心。 因为我的assignment让我有机会和我的相机花多一点时间。
wo hen kai xin。 ying wei wo de assignment rang wo you ji hui he wo de xiang ji hua yi dian shi jian。

I just found out my computer can type chinese hehehe.

I'm learning to cook chicken dishes from a fellow classmate, and i'm teaching photography to another classmate. It's not like im a pro or whatever in photography(im still very much a beginer), it's just that i don't have any other skills. I cant teach chinese, im a banana myself. I cant teach people how to cook, because i can only fry egg. Photography is my hobby, something that i love, and i figured, by doing this for my assignment, i can now 'touch' the camera which is in hibernating mode since april.

And, here are the samples of pics i took while waiting the other day. i seriously miss taking pictures. More pictures in my Flickr. :)