Tuesday, 26 October 2010

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i think i should just write first while waiting for the pictures to upload.

yesterday was monday. went to class yesterday and many ppl ask me if i was sick. if i needed rest. some said i look like i have high fever. some say my lips are white. and i can't judge situations properly, i cant think properly, and i cant decide even on simple things. i dont know what is wrong with me. future doctors, can tell if anything's wrong with me????

yesterday was monday, which means that it was start of the week. by the end of monday night, i am left with only rm7 for the rest of the week. owed rach rm20 for installing microsoft word into my netbook. unnecessary spending, RM29 for a pair of shoes. argh! i bought it cause it's discounted rm20 cause shadow bought something from cotton on. so its buying then or buying it at a more expensive price lorh. and i have to eat bread for the rest of the week.

the search for the room is still on-going. found some reasonably priced(some may say, walao so expensive lehhh) but then when i ask them about the parking, every1 stop replying. :(

last week, we went out for dinner and we had desserts 3 days in a row wtf.

first, we went to this 'hongkong-ish style' dessert place near asia cafe. then snowflakes. then secret recipe.
BOO! lose weight konon!

snowflakes. taro series, set 4.

saturday volunteered at mcpf crime prevention again. this year got more participants walao the whole auditorium full wehhhhh... at the end of the event, thre's this focus group discussion and the leader of the group has to go up the stage, stand in front of sooo many people and present their discussions. OMGOSHHH!! those people who went up are secondary school students. i present in front of the class also got nervous breakdown edi, apatah lagi this one present in front of a full auditorium weh...

people raising hands to support the statement.

and oh, did i mention? we had to be in uni at 7AM on a SATURDAY for this event. :(
i slept late, arnd 4.30am on friday night, then end up waking up only at 7am because shadow called.

this is loves. i dont think we can get this in malaysia. damn nice ok, if i see it i'll end up buying it everydayyyy!

Pocky. Almond Crush Bitter YUMZ!


Manji said...

oh, enjoying life.

teratai said...

mcm mana nak kurus ni~semua nampak sedap!

ken said...

yea.. never seen glico's pocky before.. :)

żħї~qїňg said...

manji : yeah enjoying, but the pocket suffers...

teratai : sebab tu lah... nak berhenti dahh... kena limit nih.. tapi klo tak sedap, what the point of paying right?

ken : nearest to get pocky --> the land of sawadeekapp
nearest that i know of lah

RaveDev said...

pocky almond crush for the win! nice post :-)

żħї~qїňg said...

yuppp!! <3 those almond crush pocky

Vincy said...

Eh, I bought Glico Rocky, the design is similar. The picture is the same. Costs RM4something, available at Giant. LOL

żħї~qїňg said...

ooo ok thanks :) will go giant and see xD

Andy Yeap said...

woohoo.. i come from twitter =D

żħї~qїňg said...

welcome :)