Wednesday, 8 December 2010

breakfast from market :)

it's been a while since i went to the morning market. i just finished exam and went back to the hometown. i expect to sleep till 1pm everyday and watch tv, etc etc. i know, wasting time, but there's no line back home and nothing else to do. i was the only one back and the others are having exam, what the hell am i suppose to do?

one fine morning dont know why i wake up like damn early, before 7.30am!!!! like, super duper early in my dictionary okay...

so i went out to the atm and took $$, then to the market. heheh so weird to go bank so early in stw, no ppl. in subang, every morning sure there's a queue at atm de...

no one's at home and im suppose to buy breakfast for me myself. end up bought too much but i finished it all.. mana mungkin tak gemuk macam ni?

been having this nasi lemak every morning since i got home. grandma would buy for me. nice okeh, if go past 8.30am, sure habis already, thats how laku it is.... hehehhe....

and i bought another 2 curry puffs from the same stall.

RM 1.80 for the nasi lemak above and 2 curry puffs.

then on the way out of the market, i walked past another stall selling this colourful kuih and i HAD TO BUY them!! hehe.. planned to buy only like 3 pieces, end up with 5 pieces cause the uncle said 5 for RM2. hehehe entahlah psychology student ape aku ni... i fall for this kind of thing hehehe....

then while buying kuih, i saw packs of nasi lemak and i HAD to get it also. want to try mahhhhh....

5 pieces of kuih and 1 pack of nasi lemak, RM 3 total damage.

then i walked further and i took a detour to the soyabean stall. very long din have warm and fresh soya bean omg its so awesome i just love it.

1 pack less sugar soya bean, RM1.80

then i saw coconut on the way out, and bought 1 pack for grandpa. RM 1.20

too bad there's a queue at the yau chau kuai stall , if not i will buy somemore... hehehhehehe

came home and ate that 2 packs of nasi lemak, but not before taking pictures hehehhehehe

RM 7.80
for 2 meals worth of food.... satisfied :)