Thursday, 9 December 2010

Gary Chaw 曹格 "Back in Control" Press Conference

it's been a while since i need to upload the pictures multiple times.

Last week, I just had the most hectic exam timetable ever. My whole semester's exam in 3 frigging days like wtf right? 3 days for 3 subjects, but we made it through. Throughout the entire study period, and exam period, I was online. I just couldn't resist Facebook and Twitter. Just too difficult. I wouldn't even have concentrated if I hadn't been to FB. That's how bad my addiction is. So, while stalking people on FB, I found out that the next day, 2nd Dec 2010, which is the last day of my exam, is also the day of Gary's new album press conference. OMG what better way to celebrate independence than seeing Gary in person?????

I wasn't invited, or either was i blogger or reporters, i'm just a random person in a random event hehehe.
No, I’m actually Tzerazzi :)

So, I thought there would be more fans going to the press conference, but i only saw 1. and i dont know her. im lucky kailee is with me, or else i'll just die there. ok we were late because we got lost on our way to mont kiara. end up paying rm8 for unnecessary toll. followed the gps and it brought me to this junction that was closed and then i was back to the toll booth again. grrrr, lucky asked the toll booth attendant and she said go to jalan kuching way instead of following signboard. u see u see, drive in msia kenot follow signboard 1, confirm get lost!

ok, and then we reach solaris and didn't know where is the place. wasted time looking for the place again. :(
we were like walking round and round... ok la not so kuazhang but i want to add drama can or not? hehehehhehe

actually i saw this logo and had a feeling that we were at the right place, but then i dont know where is the entrance. bodohnya could have just asked nearby people if there's any, but nooo, we walked back to the nearest guard and asked for the direction. din know that we were actually there, just need entrance... hehehehhehe

ok i was late, so when i reach there they are already finishing with the tallking and it's picture time. i didnt bring my dslr there and feel paiseh to squeeze in between those pro and i end up with 'not so many pictures'. hehehehehe.

Photo session with the people from dunno what companies. i think sony is one of them. apparently they are the ones that brought the album into msia. and i believe msians are the latest to get the album. its like 2 or 3 weeks later than HK and Taiwan. not very sure, but thats what i think.

Followed with solo picture with his autograph on the backdrop. he wrote love and peace, typical gary. then, he came down the stage and the reporters crowd him to interview him. he seated in the middle and they have to record/write down whatever he said.

This is my favourite picture from the day, abit over exposed, but its so colourfulll!!! oya i was torn between recording and taking pictures, and record like 10 secs and then take 1 or 2 pics then record another 5 seconds. complete waste of chance and time. wasnt interested in what he was saying because, well, i just rushed there from my exam, and i had been sleeping 2 hours a day for the past 4 days, i am beyond tired and i know that papers/magazines/tv/online will publish it mah.... ok bad fan, baaaaaad fan....

after the interview, someone asked gary to pose and take picture in one corner, so i just go kaypoh lah hehehehe.... the effects are really nice with the lightings, but i have a sucky camera. so suck that im surprised it produces images. but i still love my hong dou *camera's name* because i bought it with my hard-saved money.

this is the stage for the event. taken after, when every1's left. hehe im supposed to go up there and take pic with that thing but there's jsut too many people, and i sked! so in the end, after all the general interview and photoshootng outside, he went into a room and he was inthere for hourss... some reporters had exclusive interview with him in the room, to record, etc etc. and we were given chance to enter the room and take picture with him. i jusst said hi, gary and din dare to look at him edi hehehhe i suck like that. till now im still waiting for the picture from sony.

.. waiting

.... waiting

.......... waiting

.....................still waiting.....

i have already partly lost hope that i will get the picture from them. :( yerrrrr kenot take with own camera samo!! sien~

hehehe, as a closing, here's another pic of him with green lights... the actual picture is much brighter and blur, so i had to make it darker.

pps: i actually wrote this at 1am and now is 4.36am. wow dah lama i din spend so much time writing a blog post. and this is nothing, cant imagine how those pro bloggers do it. do they spend so much time on 1 post tooo???

ppps: writing this post reminds me that i have another 'gary post' delayed wayyyy back from april hehehehe....


Joanne said...

Some of his new song is nice :)

żħї~qїňg said...

hehe i love his voice...