Friday, 10 December 2010

Pay Saman, 50% discount

I went to queue up at the police station in my hometown to pay fine. and the que is sibeh long because of the 50% discount. actually i also don't know when will i pay if there's no 50%... i had overdued fines because I DID NOT GET ANY frigging notification or letter from them! NONE at all okeh... i have to actually stand, and i mean S T A N D there for more than 2 hours jsut to get to the counter. despite the amount of humans waiting there, there's only 1 counter. ONE! but the good thing is they din have a lunch break. mayb a short 1 because i recall standing in one spot for a very long time..

this is half the line. theres more ppl at the back.

while waiting, i read a book... yes, i brought a book there cause i expect a q... and there is a q, so i took out thebook and read but the uncle behind me was quite noisy so i got bored and didnt know what was i reading. so i took out my walkman... because the songs in the walkman were loud, i din hear by super loud phone ringing and the people arnd me were staring at me like im a weirdo...

so after a while i just took off the walkman and kept the book, and waited. nothing to do,so i took out the camera to take pics. hehehehehehe im such a gadgetty person.

finally reachng!!

the lovely scenery at where i was standing the longest.

is the title wrong? like is the notice in english or malay?

trafik is malay
and cops is english.

isnt it supposed to be trafik kops?
or traffic cops?


Lim Weinnie said...

the notice is quite campur campur :)

And yeah,u do have alot of

żħї~qїňg said...

yehh... malaysian english