Monday, 28 March 2011

it's the end of march omgosh!!

Ain't they cute? Check out the white chick, stands out cause its so bright. hehehe. Pardon the picture quality, taken using my super low quality phone camera in a very low lighting place. :)

Went back hometown for 1 week, supposed to be back by Friday, but then i delayed till Sunday cause got award show on TV and end up not watching cause gary didn't go. lol.

Had the most boring-est 1 week ever. all i do is just sleep, eat, sleep, eat. no one's back too, so didn't go out or anything.

Today, is the start of the final semester in 2nd year. OMGosh time flies. Lots of journals to read, and things to memorise, and i feel soooooo sleepy already in the first class. cant imagine future classes. *Wish me luck!


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