Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Short Update

I am currently editing pictures (adding watermark) for the Chicken Nest Bao post. It's 3.02am, and I am super hungry looking at the pictures. Zomgosh!! Anyway, sorry for the long delay, I took a while to procrastinate, and then when I finally decided I should start with the post, I then took two days to get the harddisk which is just on the table, another day to finally plug it in my computer, then an extra day to actually open the folders, and choose and copy the pictures, 1 day for the pictures to sit on the desktop as decorations, and finally, 1 day (I hope) to edit, and then God know how long I will take to start typing.

This short update should just end at the second sentence. Now everyone (who actually bothers to come to my blog) knows how much of a procrastinator I am.

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