Tuesday, 24 April 2012


stress, stress, stress!!!

theres so much i want to do, i want to write about, but i have no time to do. strange though, i have all the time in the world for procrastination.

thesis is way behind schedule, working part time which takes up all my free time, and i have assignment which is due in a few weeks.

thesis, due in almost 1 month.

one more month wtf.

been very depressed and frustrated also because of the data line in my phone. was asked to wait another two days to resolve the matter. well, if its not solved in 48 hours, i am going to change my line. and have an anger post on it.

im on the verge of insanity. seriously, i cant live without internet. although no one msges me at whatsapp, bbm, etc, but still.... keeping it active will make sure my heart and mind is positive. lol. i feel like the world fking collapse because of the internet issue.

fml. fml max.

stress, depress, frus. not a good combination i tell you.

whatever, i seriously hope i can get it back. whatever the issue is.

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