Saturday, 15 October 2005

bad luck

im supposed to post this blog before the one i wrote just now..haha.. susunan cacat edi..

how could so many bad things happen in a few days?? my hp spoil edi.. then have to use the old wan.. and then other class copy in test v all oso kena the akibat?? is it fair?? and i lost my .. soemthing dear to me.. if i write out wat is it.. u may think that " that oso sad..can get anywhere wan lar.." its not anything.. its soemthing to me... its important even tho its just a normal means something to me..and because of my careless mistake, i lost it.. haiz... all because of that stupid doraemon(she's a teacher in my skul) .. exam not yet over halau me go back for wat lo.. make me lost that special thing nia..i hate i hate doraemon.bising aje..macam mame nak periksa?? tak fail pun jia wan lar... shitted!! don wanna talk much bout it d lar..spoil my good mood nia.. but i wanna say lots of thanks to my frens.. thanks for all your advice and ur wishes that i cud find that special soemthign the next day.. haha.. i din find it tho...

* sumthing are destinied to be that way.. take it as a lesson and becareful next time..coming back or not,only time will tell..* thanks for that advice.really appreciate it. ...


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