Thursday, 26 April 2007

i need time

something ran thru my mind just now.

"i am always in my own world.

other people stays in the real world.

but my mind keep drifting to my own world.

i think thats why i day dream alot.

even when i am drving, i think alot.

even when i'm having tests, my mind can simply fly back to MY WORLD!

am i weird?


in MY WORLD, i do what i wan, i say what i want.

i dun care what other ppl say or think bout me.

none of my business if they are so free."


lol. getting late now.

i am tired.

i am troubled.

i need some rest.

i cant get enough of resting.

i need peace.

i need harmony.

i need sleep.

i need more time.

i dun need traffic jams.

thanks to giant!


i am so dead.

dead as in killed and sliced and cooked.

i got the assignment bout 3 weeks ago.

but due to my tight schedule(laziness),

i cant do it till this week.

and this week is reallly busy...( its true)


tml is the dateline.


i have written nothing even now.

except for blog..



can someone please reming me why i took IT as a subject?

it makes no sense.


pray for me..

pray that she wont remember anything bout the IS report tml.

pray that more than half de class din do..

pray that...

she wont kill me...

give me some time..

i need time..

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