Tuesday, 8 May 2007

feel like very verylong din write blog edi.
kinda busy these few days.
if im not busy then means im tired.
im tired for whatever reason.
feel like the burden much much heavier like that.
last friday, mrs allen, my acc tcher, say...
"u have to go into groups of 4 and start a business. u have six weeks to do it.
present ur business to the class."
what the ...
six weeks???
what are we suppposed to do??
then monday,
miss lucy, my psycho tcher, says,
"group leaders, bring ur pendrvie and copy the question. u have to present one of the question to the class in group of 3 or 4.presentation is this thursday and friday"
what the...
after that,
miss vimala, my IT tcher,
" when u wan to pass up your essay?"
"u alwayz have another day yar bla bla bla..."
mr anthony, my history tcher,
" tomorrow is the last lecture before your exam next week. today im going into *bla bla bla* dasar *something something*..."
last but not least,
miss jenny, my english for second language tcher,
"u have until next week to do ur planning material.. take note whatever i say.. *bla bla bla*"
what ever she say, i dun get the point.. just note dowm whatever word that comes out from her mouth and i do really understand wan lar..
kesimpulan, we have to do some planning material and pass up in group next week. end.
i might make a big mistake.
promise my IT tcher that i'll pass up my essay tml.
its a HUGE mistake.
cause, till now, im stil stuck wit 299 words.
and i have to write bout 1500 words.
see how much difference it is?
my essay sounds like an advertisment,,
my classmate's essay sounds like an essay..
can someone help me?
the easiest way,
gonna skip her class tml again.
im such a......lazy pig!
trip to kl this weekend is canceled means im going bck stw for the weekend.
to celebrate my grandpa's bday.
can someone tell me what present should i give him??
seriously need suggestion....
hevam seen my frens for weeks edi..
will i get to see them this weekend??
i hope so...
will be kinda busy for this few weeks...
wont b able to update blog so often like i used to..
have lots more to crap here actually..
cause i haven wrote any blog for the past few days/ weeks..
but then...i write till here...
i forgot what i wanna write edi..
i have bad memory...
now, i am gonna watch TV for a while..
and then i will try to finish the essay which im sure i wont finish it tonite.
and have i told u?
the deadline for the essay is 27th APRIL 07.
see how long i postponed it edi??
oh ya..
went to 1901 in gurney for hotdog ystd..
one day,some day,
when i am not so busy and i dun have class for a week,
i shall tapao the large one.
for now,
gonna eat less a lil....
til we meet again when i am not so busy...

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